Nancy Nichols Gets Super-Pied, Raises $750 at 100 Best Restaurants Party

Nancy and her first love, Nick Badovinus.
Miss Piggie and Nick Badovinus.

Last night’s 100 Best Restaurants party couldn’t have been more perfect. So many underrated restaurants (like Mr. Wok Asian Bistro in Plano) came out of their ‘burby shells and celebrated the release of our June issue, 100 Best Restaurants in Dallas, with us. It’s on newsstands today. Go get yourself a copy.

A huge shout-out to See’s Candies for providing an entire table of candies and chocolates. People kept going over there, like ants attracted to honey. A feast raged inside 3015 at Trinity Groves, where places like Pecan Lodge served barbecue brisket two tables down from Tei-An’s refreshing seaweed salad. All the big heavy hitters were there: John Tesar; Jack Perkins; Nick Badovinus; and Oak’s owners, Richard and Tiffanee Ellman (just to name a few). Some of them even pied Nancy.

Nancy showed up around 7 in her pigtails and pigalicious costume, looking every bit the weirdo that she is. She had the snout, the goggles, the everything. I need/want/have to wear that suit for Halloween. Mark Brezinski of Velvet Taco was about to throw the first pie at Nancy when Tesar cut in and smacked her a good one. I think he bought 12 pies in total (but he only threw four, maybe?) and at one point even said, “I would’ve paid $40 if it’d been Brenner. Joking!”

Anyways, Nancy had a lot of whipped cream in her face by the time Alice Laussade, The Cheap Bastard, got around to her. But my favorite pie moment, by far, was when Jack Perkins of Maple and Motor took off his cowboy hat, gave his pie to Nancy (who was holding a can of whipped cream already), and let her gob in him in the head. Then Nancy pied herself in the face with the same paper plate, and I swear to goodness she rubbed her face in circles in sloooooooow mooooooo. My friend standing next to me said, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” It really was. Jack Perkins kissed Nancy on the nose and that was that.

Moment enshrined in my mind forever.

All the pieing raised $750 dollars in total for The North Texas Food Bank. That’s a lot of pies for $20 each. You do the math. I’m lazy.

That’s a lot of whipped cream. This morning she writes, “I’m still in bed. I have blurry vision. I can’t get cream out of my eyes.”

Poor woman. She was such a good sport yesterday. Look at these photos. Isn’t it amazing? Check out this Vine of The Cheap Bastard pieing Nancy, too. I had it playing in the background the entire time it took me to write this post.

Someone should've hit that. With a pie.
Someone should’ve hit that. With a pie. It’s too clean.
Kiss kiss. Nancy and her pretty niece.
Kiss kiss. Uncle Nancy and her pretty niece.
Tesar <3s Nancy
John Tesar <3s Nancy
"That's the hottest thing I've ever seen," says Elizabeth Lavin.
“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” says Elizabeth Lavin.
All's fair in love and war
All’s fair in love and war


Don't mess with this food critic.
Don’t mess with this food critic. She’ll get you back. Go, Twisted Root, go!
Nancy and her cute nieces.
Nancy and her super cute nieces.