Missing Pillow Alert: Somebody Swiped Iconic Baby Donut Pillow from Hypnotic Donuts

Pillow-Gate: If you see this pillow please call Hypnotic Donuts ASAP.

Who could do such a thing. Hear the folks at Hypnotic Donuts cry:

REWARD!!! Our beloved Baby Donut Pillow has gone missing…since Sunday, May 12th. BDP has been a part of our Hyppie family long before we opened our White Rock location. As seen in this picture with a young Hyppie, BDP is about 14” in diameter, fuzzy tan cloth with pink “icing” and sprinkles, and displays cute little eyes and a smile that welcomes our customers. We have contacted the Pillow Police and they are actively pursuing leads and reviewing our security camera footage, however, we are asking the Hyppie community to keep an eye out for our beloved Baby Donut Pillow. We are offering an award of donuts for anyone that can bring in BDP in one piece…no questions asked.