May 13 Food Truck News and Schedule for Dallas and Ft. Worth

The big news this week is Dallas City Council‘s review of downtown vendor regulations, including mobile food trucks.  Changes include expanded hours (good), more locations in the CBD (good), reduced fees (good), and a possible dress code (huh?!?).  Carol made it to the City Council meeting and had this to report earlier today.

The City of Denton has likewise been moving forward in establishing a friendly environment for food trucks and trailers.  Their councilman most active, Kevin Roden, has a May 16 meeting planned to start reviewing the effectiveness of recently passed laws.

I’m running late this week, so instead of Monday-Sunday, we’ll start with Tuesday.  As always, check Facebook or Twitter first.  Jump…..

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  • Lakeisha D

    The only dress code that food trucks should have is their own. The city should only regulate within their means (zoning, parking) not uniforms per se; it takes away from the creativity. The city does not tell McDonald’s managers they can’t wear ties or Sonic employees can’t wear visor hats so why should food truck workers be restricted. Don’t they know how hot it gets in those food trucks in the Texas summers? My guess is no.