• Gipson

    Stoked to see Neighborhood Services take the top spot. It’s my favorite as well.

  • Maria

    I am still wondering how NS takes the No1 spot .. Is great but No1 is a stretch!

  • kristen

    I love NHS and I’m so thrilled it took #1. On the flipside, I’m sure I’ll be waiting longer for a table. Totally worth it, though.

  • MCB08

    Good list! I think I would have roughly 80% of the same top 10.

    I do love NS, but I agree that its a stretch to put it #1. I would have liked to have seen Nonna make the top 10, but its still a great representation of the best of Dallas.

  • JimBob

    Pyles is SOOO overrated. Who’s with me? Soggiest pasta, dull entrees.

  • Tspoon

    Nonna needs to be on this list.

  • Mike

    NS is really really good for what it is, but it can’t be compared to some of the others.

  • Snootyfoodie

    Another year of nick and Nancy’s love affair. Jeez. Agree on Nonna. Def should be on there.

  • Glenn Campbell

    No steakhouses or tex/mex. maybe that’s progress. In any event, hard to believe there are 9 better restaurants in town than Al Biernats as far as food/ consistency/ service/ ambiance etc. would also like to know what NHS does that Hillstone doesn’t do better…

  • Bret Kelly

    I’m sorry….but Neighborhood Services doesn’t deserve to be in the top ten, much less number one. On recent visits, after inexplicably long waits (even a rocket scientist can’t decipher their “call-ahead and we’ll put you on the list” system, the service was average, the food was average, and the price point REALLY high for what we were getting.

    Lucia needs to be higher, and how can Nonna possibly be missing???

  • Maria Whiteside Mejia

    I would love to know the rational behind the NS to be No.1. Just out of curiosity. If anyone knows

  • Jackie Pounds

    Congratulations!!! Much deserved recognition.

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  • Rob Hunter

    Me all the way! Very much so.

  • gourmann2003

    How could Oak or Stampede 66 NOT be on this list?

  • gourmann2003

    Next time, stay home and send me! Never been anything but superb on my visits!

  • dallasfoodorg

    Look at #4, gourmann2003.

  • MCB08

    Oak is #4

  • twinwillow

    My thought’s exactly.

  • twinwillow

    I think they have 1 and 10 reversed.

  • all about food

    NHS-cozy atmosphere, not stuffy. Brandan Kelley-best wine guy in Dallas at Lovers Ln NHS. Oak is also fab and great brunch.

  • DGirl

    I love that a list such as this prompts such debate. I’m sure it isn’t easy to have compiled this list and write a long-ass story about the top 50. I think NS is consistently good – quality, execution, service. I think it’s too expensive for what it is and great, not GREAT. YAY for the Mansion’s #2 ranking. Bruno, J, Nicolas and the entire staff there is exceptional on every level. I attended the event last night and fell in love with Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine. Can’t wait to go there. Great food and gracious people. THANK YOU Nancy, D, Jennifer Miller and everyone who put on the event last night. Annual event, yes?

  • Carol Shih

    I think Nancy might have a heart attack if you ask her to do a list again next year.

  • mojo80

    There isn’t even a pasta on their menu, lol.

  • rickyferrer

    Mughlai was a wonderful discovery for me last night as well!

  • rickyferrer

    Buy the issue

  • Tinkerbell7

    Where is Driftwod?!?

  • Tinkerbell7

    Where is Driftwood?!?

  • Tinkerbell7

    Where is Driftwood?!?

  • uramess

    If you think that NS is the best Dallas has to offer then you must also believe that the rug store next door is “going out of business”

  • Robert Sullivan

    I love all of these restaurants, any of them could easily hold the #1 spot.

  • Dubious Brother

    About 30 miles SW of Austin, just about 5 miles south of Dripping Springs

  • Dubious Brother

    About 30 miles SW of Austin, just about 5 miles south of Dripping Springs

  • Dubious Brother

    About 30 miles SW of Austin, just about 5 miles south of Dripping Springs

  • Brenda Kronenberg

    I think it is in/near Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff.

  • rawfishguy

    Nancy smokes way too much weed. Neighborhood Services is just wrong as #1. Says so much about her and D Mag. The list is horribly off.

    • DSideDish

      I’d love to hear more about what this says about me. I was born in Dallas and have covered the restaurant business for 16 years. I feel very confident in my choices. I would like to see you top 100 list please.

  • Blake Bowyer

    All great spots, but I say The Grape gives any of them a run for their money. NHS at #1 and Tei-An at #3 are both stretches.

    • unidostresquatro

      Ahhh the Grape. The tourist trap that masquerades as a neighborhood spot. We stopped going after incurring an undisclosed $1.50 split charge for a salad that we told our server the table would share along with our other appetizers. I have never experienced something so silly. Not the way I would operate my business…

  • DSideDish

    Hi Maria,
    please read the article before you pass judgement. thanks.

  • DSideDish

    Really tired of this accusation but fail away. None of my choices are based on personal relationships and I stand by my word.

  • DSideDish

    Glenn, I explain what NHS does better than Hillstone in the piece. I would also like to add that I wanted to call the list The 100 Best Dallas Restaurants in Dallas because I only considered local businesses. I cut out Tarrant County as well which includes Grapevine. Had to narrow the scope. Thanks for being a consistent voice here. Appreciate your business.

  • Valerie Finley

    Where are Nonna and Driftwood? They really should be included!
    I also agree with many that number one for NS is quite a stretch!
    It is pretty good but not the caliber of the others on the list!

    • Maria Whiteside Mejia

      Yes- quite a stretch!

  • LPWyatt

    I might not be able to visit these places for a $$$ dinner, are any of them good for a lunch?

    • DSideDish

      Yes, Mansion, Pyles, NHS in Preston Royal, Fearing’s, Tei-An, Spoon, and Pecan Lodge all do lunch.

    • Puppylove

      And Fearings Sunday brunch is a great value for the food – they do a fixed price on 1,2, or 3 courses! I think one course is $24 and three is somewhere around $35ish…the fried chicken is divine

  • DSideDish

    There is a reason why this hasn’t been done since 1990. I was overwhelmed by the party as well. Never so many local restaurants together at one public event. I will take the joy on Richard Wingfield’s (Wingfield’s Burgers) to my grave.

  • DSideDish

    that was very funny. thank you..

  • unidostresquatro

    must be and await said correction.

  • Avid Reader

    Wingfields should be #1.

  • Avid Reader

    Will you be putting up the next 10 on up to 100 so we can see everyone’s opinions about your opinions?

  • unidostresquatro

    I would replace 2, 7 and 8 with, not necessarily in this order, Cane Rosso, Belly & Trumpet and Sakhuu. Hotel restaurants just don’t do it for me, but who cares what I think.

  • Blake Bowyer

    So – you’re telling me that at $40-$70 per person at any of the places on this list, your experience was soured over a $1.50? Or – for 2 – $0.75 per plate. Balderdash.

    Nevermind ignoring the unique atmosphere, consistently excellent food, and one of the best brunches in Dallas.

    But yes, if you would rather eat your meal at an Alice & Wonderland tea party, then Belly & Trumpet is your place. Dig in and leave the two-tops at a superior restaurant for the rest of us.

  • Maria Whiteside Mejia

    Wil do! Thanks

  • Blake Bowyer

    So – you’re telling me that at $40-$70 per person at 9/10 places on this list, your experience was soured over a $1.50? Or – for 2 – $0.75 per plate. Balderdash.

    Nevermind ignoring the unique atmosphere, consistently excellent food, and one of the best brunches in Dallas.

    But yes, if you’d rather eat your meal at an Alice & Wonderland tea party, then Belly & Trumpet is your place. Dig in and leave the two-tops at a superior restaurant for the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    Or your “thoughts”, perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    Or “flail”, perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    Or “your Top 100”, perhaps? On another matter, why even answer these whiners/snipers?

  • anonymous

    They use open table and don’t have a “call ahead system”. You must not have been there recently. They take reservations.

  • DSideDish

    they are uploading the magazine online as I type. It doesn’t go live until subscribers and stores get their copies. It’s on the newsstand.

  • DSideDish

    I care what you think. Belly & Trumpet was not open long enough when I put the list together.

  • Melissa Chowning

    Amazing list! I just ate an Cane Russo and it was amazing. Totally deserved to be the top pizza spot on this list!

  • Melissa Chowning

    Amazing list! I just ate at Cane Russo and it totally deserves its spot at the #1 pizza spot on this list. Thanks Nancy!

  • PieChick

    Let me get this straight……This is NANCY’s list, right? That means these are HER favorites, right? And you people are complaining about what SHE chose? I bet most of you can’t even agree with your spouse/partner/date de jour on where to go to dinner tonight.

  • Al3

    Stephan Pyles – REALLY???? I’m a trained chef and have never had a good meal at ANY of his restaurants…..

    • CMAR

      I couldn’t agree more. Stephan Pyles always leaves much to be desired, especially for the price.

  • Beda Casstevens

    Stampede 66 doesn’t deserve to be on this list.

  • Jon Battle

    I agree on #1 – fun, eclectic, buzzy, fun, “omg – did you see that dish just go by?”, and wonderful food.

  • Jon Battle

    Well said. Any “list” like this is open to all sorts of stuff. You don’t have to agree with the list – use it as a reference. All good.

  • west bev

    Nonna for sure. Better than Pyles in my opinion.

  • west bev

    Neighborhood Services deserves to be at the top – it is great food, diverse menu, good for a weekday dinner or a special occasion and it never gets old or boring. You could eat there every night for a month and never get tired of the food, the choices or the atmosphere. Can’t say that about too many places.

  • HoochieMom

    Have you all read the article and the restaurant recaps? You might not question Nancy’s own personal professional blood sweat tears work if you read the article with the “back up” on her choices. I’ve been in the restaurant business here since Waltrina Stovall kicked my restaurant client to the curb and I have never been able to get a favorable review, mention, publicity bit from Nancy because we are friendly. Ever – and the implication that NS got number one because Nick B is freakin hawt is silly. I’m hot too and I’ve never gotten bupkiss in return. Do people argue this much about movie reviews?

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  • MWW

    I am not sure if Rockwall falls under the umbrella of Dallas. Nevertheless “The Fatted Calf” is pretty phenomenal. Located on the town square, we dine there at least twice a week.

  • realchef

    71 and counting in the comments section, this list (which has nothing to do with how good or not the restaurants are) has accomplished it’s goal, “page views”.

  • TheGrapeIsATouristTrap

    it is not the money, it is the principle. It is offensive. If Brian would reconsider this short sighted strategy, maybe more people from the hood would actually eat there.

    Belly & Trumpet is a superior restaurant. Have you been? The antelope heart tartare is divine. And when my wife and I share it, there is no hidden upcharge.

  • Belly&TrumpetRocks

    Thank you Miss Nancy. I am a fan of the good work you do. Hope to see you at 20 Feet tomorrow for soft shell po boys and times ten sav blanc!

  • Jhays

    Fantastic review, fantastic piece. Even better handling these comments. Bravo.

  • Gab

    Preston Royal location of NHS stopped using the original sesame buns, the new ones ruin what used to be the best burger in town. Now, for a great wood-grilled burger and fresh cut fries, we go instead to Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, just down the street in Preston Center.

  • Gab

    Nancy, I enjoy your reviews. Have you had the burger at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen in Preston Center? A little pricey, but wood grilled with fresh cut fries, one of the best in Dallas. Another find, is Mac’s Barbecue on Main, their specialty is jalapeño sausage and thick meaty ribs, only open for lunch.

  • Rawfishguy

    How about the remarks on Tei Tei? I don’t really care about the placement, however don’t you have to have been there in the last year?
    “Chef and Owner Katsutoshi Sakamoto continues the tradition. You can watch him in action at the robata bar, where he spears a chunk of fresh yellowtail and chars it……”
    Sakamoto switched to making rolls and pressed sushi over a year ago. FAIL.

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  • Brandon Mohon

    The comma goes inside the quotation, anonymous grammar nazi.

  • ChefRAH

    The event was fabulous, the article was great. What will it take to get that event happening every year?! And yes, I need a cookie.

  • jbee

    Who chose this stupid list??? How did that beat all the 5 and 4 star restaurants in Dallas??? So stupid how a casual place can beat a nice restaurant. Explanation please. How does that place get number 1. Feel free to reply. I’m a local chef. Wtf. That place that one is horrible r u blind!!! Maybe a younger critic is required.

  • jbee

    I’d love for the editor to get back to me. That this is so stupid!!!

    • kindallas

      Read the article.

  • Alejandro Perez

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  • Alejandro Perez

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  • TopTenListM

    Great list! Have to check them out.

  • TopTenListM

    Looking forward to trying out these top restaurants!

  • Bellabear

    We love NHS at Preston Royal – just consistenly excellent quality and flavor. And love that they take reservations now. Would not even try to go to the one on Lovers – love the neighborhood feel of Preston/Royal. Not a fan at all of Stephan Pyles, but that’s just me. Do also love The Grape, which did not make it on here. My favorite Brunch (followed closely by Smoke) in Dallas and a new favorite for dinner (ahhhh, that mushroom soup, any steak on the menu – the only miss consistently being dessert, unfortunately). Trying FT33 this weekend, so will see.

  • Morgan Harrison

    The link to the full list doesn’t work.

  • Morgan Harrison

    The link to the full list (top 100) doesn’t work.

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