Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Farmed Fish

Copper river salmon plated at Whiskey Cake
Copper river salmon plated at Whiskey Cake (photo by Whiskey Cake)

It’s that special wild salmon season time of the year again, and three places (that I know of) are celebrating with fresh fish. Here’s where you can catch your favorite omega-3 source sources in Dallas this year.

1. Whiskey Cake

From the marketing coordinator’s mouth: “This year, Whiskey Cake is going straight to the source and purchasing their salmon directly from Northwest Fish Traders in Alaska, a company selling freshly caught wild salmon from the Copper River. I just heard word that Michael, one of the fisherman from Northwest Fish Traders, has braved the bad Alaskan weather and found some great wild salmon! The first shipment will arrive at Whiskey Cake this weekend and will be served starting on Monday, May 20.”

Jump for it.


2. Cru Wine Bar

When:  Thursday, May 23 to Tuesday, May 28. Each dish is $25

Cedar Plank Grilled Copper River Salmon

meyer’s lemon- lime marinade, sautéed fava beans and porcini mushrooms, dill

Pan Roasted Copper River Salmon

sweet garlic arugula pistou, butter english peas & fingerling potatoes


3. TJ’s announced on their Facebook yesterday:

“Wild salmon season last all spring and summer, and the most famous of the wild salmon runs is the Copper River Salmon.

TJ’s will have our first by Wed AM.  Gorgeous Copper River Sockeye right out of the water! Price TBD, should be apprx 38.99/lb.”


  • Jon Alexis

    Sockeye was cheaper than we expected, down to 29.99/lb!!!!