Eat This Now: TJ’s Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll with Old Bay Potatoes

photo by Kevin Marple Hunter
TJ’s Seafood Market’s lobster roll (photo by Kevin Marple)

LOBSTER | A 1.25-pound fresh lobster is steamed and the meat is removed. It is then warmed in a pan with hot clarified butter, lemon zest, shallot, garlic, and fresh thyme.

GARNISH | The sandwich is garnished with lemon zest, thyme, and julienned spring onions.

BREAD | A La Spiga Bakery custom 8-inch challah bun is lightly toasted.

POTATOES | Potatoes are roasted with Old Bay seasoning and parsley.

As seen in this month’s May issue.


  • Ellen Brown

    Looks great, how much is it?

    • Cody Shawver

      If you have to ask…

    • Jon Alexis

      because we use real whole lobsters, the price fluctuates with the market. The one pictured is 25 w/ 2 sides. (compare that to the price of a whole lobster and you can see its a good deal).

      We also offer a petite with 2 sides for 16.

  • adkim

    Jon, dined there last week and your team did a standout job accommodating my date, who has got a checklist worth of food allergies, with aplomb. The head chef went far and above to make sure our dinner was an enjoyable experience.

  • Gina

    Same lobster at 20 feet. No sides $18

  • adkim

    Gina, those are two completely different sandwiches.

  • DGirl

    Hell yes to the lobsta roll. It’s the best evah.

  • twinwillow

    With all dur respect to my friend, Jon Alexis, Of TJ’s, Sea Fare in Plano does an excellent lobsta roll with a choice of two sides for $13.99.

  • Jon Alexis

    TJ’s goal is to be the best…and the best value. We are extremely proud of our lobster roll, which places and entire lobster on a bun. Period. NEVER FROZEN LOBSTER MEAT. You are eating an entire lobster on a bun + 2 sides for $25. That is a better deal than most restaurants “lobster dinner”.

    Our Petite for $16 and 2 sides is the competitor to the ones listed above. You are looking at the giant whole lobster on a 8″ bun bad ass creme de la creme big boy.

    Watch a lobster go from the airport to the plate:

    Our goal is to provide the closest in Dallas you will get to getting a lobster roll on the coast.

    Several places mentioned, including 20 Feet & Sea Breeze, are fantastic establishments. Rick and Marc do great things! E. Hampton, Driftwood too.

    Come in and try one. Go try some more around town. These guys tried them all and ranked us first:

  • JWM

    Looks good to me. My guess is that some of the other lobster rolls do not have a full lobster. I don’t understand why the restaurant address isn’t shown in the review for the sake of convenience.

    • Carol Shih

      If you pick up a copy of the magazine, the address is listed in the photo. Also, I’ve added a link to our directory at the bottom of the post.

    • primi timpano

      East side of Oak Lawn at Herschel. Next to Carbone’s

  • TheGuy

    I’ve had most of available lobster rolls in town (not all), and this race isn’t even close. From the choice of bread for the roll that they use, to the quality of the lobster meat, to the excellent sides (love that wasabi salad dressing!) that comes with it….TJ’s is way ahead of all the others. Yes, its about $20 for a lunch, but its definitely a $20 sandwich. Good desserts too, if you have any room left.

  • Claudine Boucher

    I guess it’s the closest thing you can get to a NE Lobstah Roll. A NE girl myself and having had thee best on the Cape there are a few things I would adjust. More meat and the authentic hot dog rolls they have. Looks good enough to try though.

    • TheGuy

      I’ve hit all the top spots in Maine (Reds, Maine Diner, etc.) and this roll definitely belongs in that company.

  • Papa Johnny Lobsta’

    Now I know a thing or two about rolls, and this one will not let you down. I stepped my game up and got a large roll last weekend after discussing which size to get with the owner who told me I would be better off with it, and it did not disappoint. From being greeted by the entire staff, including the owner, when I walked in the door welcoming me to this part of town, to the chef taking my order, to the super friendly and attentive, but not overbearing, service, it was a great experience. Now on to what makes this place really great, the quality of the seafood, no need to worry, it is the freshest. The recipe is classic chunky roll style, not a mayonnaise concocted diner style piece of garbage from old meat. The roll itself is legit and is perfectly seasoned (aka buttered). What can I say, can’t wait to go back and I know that I’m not alone with this opinion because everyone I was with felt the same way.

  • primi timpano

    Not a surprise. TJs at Oak Lawn is a gem. It is both casual–the decor and atmosphere–and elegant; the plate presentations are artistic but restrained, no chow towers here.

    The oysters are the best I’ve found in Dallas, and I have tried them all.

    Throw in Jon and his staff’s genuine exuberance and you have one of the best restaurants in Dallad.