• Foodie101

    Just checked out the new lunch menu at nosh. Will be finding my way back very soon. I had the duck and rabbit confit in egg noodles and it did not disappoint. I witnessed one of the best looking Reuben sandwiches I have ever seen in Dallas at the table next to me.

  • Trace

    Afrah for lunch on saturday. Am slowly eating my way through the fabulous menu. This time i had the best chicken shwarma (sp?) i’ve had in a long time.
    Kalachandji’s (Thanks Theresa Gubbins for reminding me of this gem).
    It was couple weeks back, but i forgot to post it … Yao Fuzi’s. The lamb was delicious as were the beef flat noodles.

  • Justafoodie

    Took out-of-town guests to Stampede 66 on Friday evening. Such a disappointment – service was rude, food was bland and overpriced, and atmosphere was lacking. Much better experiences at Bolsa, Lark, Il Cane Rosso and Celebration.

    • Beda Casstevens

      I also don’t understand the attraction to Stampede 66.

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  • gourmann

    Have the chicken.