Spread Eagle Saloon Changes Name

Spread Eagle Saloon opened in February of 2012. In that the last 14 months, I have not been there once, and I live literally a few hundred yards from its front door. It’s not that I’m necessarily turned off by the name. I just haven’t felt compelled to go in.

It appears I wasn’t the only one. Spread Eagle Saloon has officially changed its name to Scotty’s Elm St. Saloon, after the owner’s name being Scotty, the menu being created by Scott Romano, and the manager’s name being Scotty. “It made more sense, and it was less offensive,” says manager Scotty Diss. “It was something that was hurting us, and it wasn’t too much to change and hopefully it will help save business. No one really wanted to go have lunch and expense anything at the Spread Eagle.”

I think I may have to stop by. (h/t David Higbee)