Sad News: Randall Copeland Died Today

From Randall Copeland’s Facebook page.

I just saw the news over on Culture Map: Randall Copeland the popular chef and co-owner of Restaurant Ava and Boulevardier died in his sleep early this morning. He was 39. According to Teresa Gubbins, the cause of death is unknown. What a sad day. Our hearts and thoughts go out to his family and friends. His soul will be missed.

UPDATE: Official statement from Brooks Anderson, co-owner of Boulevardier.

Early this morning Nathan, Bradley and I were informed of the tragic news that our friend and business partner, Randall Copeland passed away in his sleep last night. At this time, no further information of Randall’s untimely passing is known. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and extended network of friends in the chef community and beyond.

RIP Big Cat. You will be sorely missed.

UPDATE: Brooks Anderson says he is working on putting together a fundraiser for Randall Copeland. More details soon. If you would like to be contacted about event, leave your name below or email me.


  • Kevin Marple

    Rest in Peace my brother. You will be missed.

  • FoodSparks

    I just don’t want to believe it…such a sad day. 🙁

  • TheBradsBlog


  • szc

    We just talked the other day, I am ssoooo sad! RIP

  • Kat Mendenhall

    Tragic. A huge loss to family, friends, community.

  • Matt Montgomery

    I can’t believe it. He was such a great person, and wonderful chef. Rockwall will surely miss him.

    Please contact me regarding the fundraiser. [email protected] Matt Montgomery

  • Beverly

    Oh my I just saw him last week. He always made me laugh. What devastating news. Oh Randall I am so sorry. Love Beverly

  • Lisa Knowles

    RIP Chef! I just spoke to him last week about our class reunion brunch. Praying for his family and many friends. I’m shocked at such sad news.

  • Tena Weeks

    Please let us know the details.

    [email protected]

  • Sarah Knapp

    RIP dear Randall. I would like more info on the fundraiser please – [email protected]

  • Erin Faison

    So very sad! One of my favorite places to be.

  • Erin Faison

    So very sad! One of the best places in Dallas.

  • Avid Reader

    Crazy sad. What is the fundraiser raising money for?

  • GCogill

    I am shocked and sad…..
    I have always had and always will admire Randall’s food and feel grateful for his friendship.

  • Eric

    Randall you are missed!

  • Annika Loureiro

    Annika Loureiro….puta merda

  • Annika Loureiro

    Annika Loureiro. .. puta merda

  • John Tiller

    Great Guy, Great Talent! He will be missed. R.I.P

  • Jason

    Just cant believe this has happened, we just spoke with him not to long ago. We will miss him. RIP, Tom and Jaren

  • Sandy

    Sweet Randall. We tried to go to restaurant last night and couldn’t get in. We left flowers. Love to his family and friends.

  • RoamingRotarian

    Pls keep us posted about a fundraiser to remember Randall. We have been shocked and deeply saddened regarding his death.
    Sandy & Bud

  • Susan Holt

    I am shocked and so sad to hear this terrible news today. My husband and I spent many Friday nights sitting at the bar eating his amazing creations. It was such an explosion of perfectly balanced flavored and I especially loved his cocktail creations as well. He was so gracious with his attention to us and always made us feel like we were friends. We just saw him at Trevinos a few weeks ago and stopped to say hello . We will miss you chef and know the angels are singing with your arrival while we are still sad . I will forever crave your amazing dishes forever more. All our thoughts are with your Ava family and your family at home. So tragic ! I wish Ava could stay open in your honor. Where shall we go now on Friday nights??

  • Rockwall Running Center Carla

    This news truly hurts my heart. I will never understand why we lose our earth angels.
    Carla and Barrett Hopper

  • Susan Holt

    Please let me know about the fundraiser and funeral

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