Live Chatting Right Now: David Chan, the L.A. Attorney Who’s Visited Over 6,297 Chinese Restaurants

Some people collect stamps, wine bottles, finger nail polish, their old baby teeth – whatever. David Chan, 64-years-old, collects Chinese restaurants.

LA Times reporter Frank Shyong wrote a fascinating profile about Chan yesterday. Shyong found an attorney and third generation Chinese-American who keeps tabs on all the Chinese restaurants he’s ever visited. I swear Chan is the cutest man alive. He knows the ins and outs of Chinese and Chinese-American cuisine, and I love him for it.

Read the profile and hurry over to the live chat that Chan and Shyong are having right now. Food nerds, I know you’ve got work, but some things are more important…


  • Pearl

    Oh, so you mean that somebody knows more about Chinese restaurants than Leslie Brenner??????
    Stop the presses and hand me an eggroll.

  • Randy Zimmerman

    I heard that he visited 6297 Chinese restaurants and was still hungry an hour later…