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Katy Trail Ice House’s Noise is an “Absolute Nightmare,” Says Park Towers Resident

By Carol Shih |
Photography: sign and beer by Trevor Paulhus; patio by Elizabeth Lavin
Photography: sign and beer by Trevor Paulhus; patio by Elizabeth Lavin

Looks like Katy Trail Ice House is creating quite a ruckus these days. The Dallas Business Journal has been covering the noisy fight between Park Towers resident Deborah Sanford, who “has called police to complain about the Ice House 20 to 30 times over the past two years,” and the popular Uptown bar.

When city council members Angela Hunt and Sandy Greyson vowed to fix the decibel issue at a recent council meeting, Katy Trail Ice House responded by saying it was ‘under attack’ on Tuesday.

The Austin-style beer garden has always been rather – hm, how should I say this – vocal, so it’s not surprising for rowdy things to happen over there. But when the city measured the noise level, apparently it was still within city code. Park Tower residents, deciding to do things on their own, brought in a Miami noise consultant, who said there was a “continuous noise threshold for sleep disturbance.”

I’m going to assume that the noise at Katy Trail Ice House changes every day, so it makes sense for the city and the consultant to get two different readings. (Unless they were standing in the exact same location on the exact same day.) Anyway, both parties are up in arms over this issue, and Katy Trail Ice House is turning to social media to get the job done. It’s quite a brawl.