Jack Perkins is Smoking: The Slow Bone Opens in Dallas Today

Jack's favorite picture. Swiped from Facebook.
Jack’s favorite picture. Swiped from Facebook.

Last night, Jack “Call Me Harvey” Perkins hosted a friends-and-family-and-friends-of-family’s-friends soft opening preview of his new barbecue joint The Slow Bone. TSB is across the street from Off-Site Kitchen on the corner of Wycliff & Irving Boulevard. The former English teacher and football coach at Kimball High School turned burger czar at Maple & Motor is taking a big chance here. There’s never been any doubt the dude’s got kerbangers, just try cutting in line or parking in the wrong spot at M&M. He will cut you (I never get tired of that skit). Perkins makes Harvey Gough look like Eddie Haskell.

The teacher turned chef will be walking the floor of The Slow Bone making sure you’ve got your trays are filled with hickory-smoked brisket, sausage, and pork belly. I didn’t see it on his Facebook page, but I hear he’s offering a free beer to customers who say: “Hey, Jack. SideDish sent me.” Give it a try. Let me know what you think.


  • twinwillow

    Is that a picture of Jack and his harem?

  • John Tiller

    If this BBQ is as good as the burgers at MM, we are all in for a treat.

  • Nicole

    Just went over to TSB for free sandwiches, tacos and tamales. Delicious! Can’t wait to try the savory sides.

  • mulifariousm

    Just got back from the free stuff line at The Slow Bone. We were able to try a sandwich, a taco, a tamale and hush puppies. The meat was smokey, tender and delicious. The sauce provided, while good, was completely unnecessary.

  • TEX-Mex in Dallas

    If Uare hispanic dont try it, he does not care for hispanics eating in his establishmnets just to work for him!! he is rude, rude, rude!!!!! I would not spend one penney at Maple Motor or Slow Bone and I just live down the street from the Maple Motor location. (Don’t do it!!)

    • Noway

      Mr. Perkins is an EEOC ass.

  • Jared Kocurek

    The Slow Bone is absolutely amazing! It’s on the fast track to becoming the new top dog amongst Dallas barbecue. Check out my review:


  • Guy Griller

    Tasteless and disappointing, I rate this the worst in Dallas. Automated cooking is no substitute for the real thing. Try Odams for authentic Texas BBQ. If you are impressed by the newest slick establishment and have no clue what BBQ tastes like, you will love Slow Bone, but BW, God rest his soul, the original owner of that location, would shake his head in disgust.