Chef Rino Brigliadori,Sr. Passed Away

Chef Rino Brigliadori in the dining room of Positano in 2005. (Photography by Kevin Marple)
Chef Rino Brigliadori in the dining room of Positano in 2005. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

Yesterday, I was writing  about Italian food for the magazine and my mind wondered back to Modo Mio, the restaurant that opened on Frankford and the Tollway in 1997. The chef was Rino Brigliadori. I can still remember a gnocchi dish, his tiramisu, and a lovely frozen peach he filled with house-made peach gelato. I named Modo Mio one of the 12 Best Restaurants of 1997.

Over the years, I spoke with him many times. He moved from Modo Mio and opened Positano followed by Bene Bene. He was a charming man and always a pleasure to talk with whether the conversation was about food or the pitfalls of the restaurant business.

Last August, I learned he was ill. Yesterday, I did a search to see if I could locate him and I was horrified to find his obituary. He passed away, at the age of 68, on November 16, 2012. I believe his son, Rino Brigliadori, Jr., is in Dallas and perhaps other members of his family. I would like to express my sorrow for their loss and my tardiness at discovering this sad news.

Update: Steven Doyle sends word: “There is an homage to the gnocchi on Gene Gate’s menu at his new restaurant, Battuto’s. I believe Brigliadori’s son gave him the recipe, or at least his blessing.”


  • Anastasia Brigliadori

    Rino Brigliadori was my uncle but I have always consider him as a father and my best friend. We have been spend time together since the last 6 years and I loved him so much. Miss him so much. I do really believe he was one of the best italian chef in Dallas. Multiple tears from my eyes and lots of memory every time I think deeply about him. Thank you so much to Battuto’s to keep alive Chef Rino Brigliadori. Good luck Gene on your new restaurant.
    With love to my uncle Rino,

    Anastasia Brigliadori Pool

  • Lisa Endicott

    Thank you for this remembrance, Nancy. Living for many years in North Dallas, I knew Rino and ate at his restaurants many times with good friends and family. He was also so pleasant and he always made it a memorable evening. His food was wonderful-thank you to my Mom, Anastasia, his niece and Carole Lucio and Stephanie Kille for introducing me to Rino and my condolences to his family. Thank you for your many talents! I will visit Battuto’s soon!

    Lisa Endicott

  • Paula Lambert

    I am very sorry to hear that Rino passed away. He was such a gentleman. And so very nice. And so tall and elegant. We were fortunate to have a chef and man of this stature in the Dallas restaurant world.

  • Sarah Long

    I am so saddened to hear of this news. I worked for Rino and helped opened Rino’s off the Tollway in Plano. He was such a great man and I have such fond memories of my time working with him & Rino Jr. He was such an amazing chef! I will always remember sneaking slices out of the pan of his fresh made Tiramisu, which will always remain the best I’ve ever tasted. My condolences to Rino Jr. & Gianni.