Nando’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine Changes Name to Santo’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine

A loyal SideDish reader and regular customer of Nando’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Preston Royal, writes to say the restaurant is changing the name. I suppose Nando’s the popular Portuguese peri-peri chicken spot had something to do with it, but whatever the cause, Nando’s is now Santo’s. Smart, they only have to pay for two letters. Same food, same chef, same kick-sass cocktails.

BTW, have you been to the other Nando’s? They have just started to open in the US.


  • Anonymous

    Nandos Peri Peri has been in DC for 5+ years. Wings and half chickens were the best.

  • Mavdog

    Same food? ugh, no reason to check it out. A very mediocre bordering on bad restaurant in my experience.

  • Alicia Chang

    Yes, went to Nando’s in DC. It was excellent! Hope they open up in Dallas soon.

  • Laura Keating

    I have been to Nando’s in London and really liked it. It would be awesome if one opened here and they brought some Savannah Dry Cider with them.

  • Capguy

    Nothing special and very costly for basic M food.