Matt McCallister Picks Bradford Hodgkins as His Chef de Cuisine at FT33

The headline says it all, but here’s more from the press release:

DALLAS, TX (March 27, 2013) — Bradford Hodgkins has been named Chef de Cuisine at FT33. Hodgkins joins the culinary team at Matt McCallister’s Design District restaurant, where he will work in the kitchen with his former colleague from Stephan Pyles, now Owner and Executive Chef of FT33.

“Bradford and I have worked together for many years and I’m honored to have him join our team at FT33,” says Matt McCallister. “He provides a great balance in the kitchen, allowing me to focus on the creative aspects of the menu while executing stellar cuisine.”

Hodgkins is a self-taught chef who moved to Dallas in 2006 and began working at Stephan Pyles alongside McCallister for two years. He then moved to Second Floor, where he served as Executive Sous Chef with J Chastain and Scott Gottlich. After which, Hodgkins returned to Stephan Pyles to work with McCallister as his Executive Sous Chef.

Most recently, Hodgkins served as the Chef de Cuisine at Hotel ZaZa’s Dragonfly, where he worked alongside Executive Chef Dan Landsberg to create innovative twists on traditional modern American classics.

Update: Previous chef de cuisine, Brady Williams, is headed up to New York for work.