Leslie Brenner Discovers the Best Brunch in Dallas. But I’ve Got to Ask…

frozeneggLeslie Brenner admits that, until recently, she wasn’t a fan of brunching in Dallas. I can dig that; I hate brunch. But Brenner has changed her mind. In fact, she says:  “I’m now feeling very sunny-side-up about the whole brunch thing, and after months of brunching my way around Dallas and environs, I’ve come up with an exciting list.”

And she did: Bolsa, Café on the Green, Mansion, Fearing’s, The Front Room, J.S. Chen’s, Smoke, and Village Marquee. Brenner also added Q de Cheval, the restaurant at the InterContinental hotel. The all-you-can-eat, in my opinion, uninspired brunch menu sells for $29.95 a person and includes bottomless Bloody Marys and mimosas (yawn). However, my glasses fell off my nose when I read this: “Not everything’s wonderful (I had tepid sausages and deviled eggs that were partially frozen), but lots of things are good…”

What? Frozen deviled eggs? Who freezes deviled eggs? Who puts a restaurant with partially frozen deviled eggs and tepid sausages on a “best” list? Oh, my head. Brenner should have gone to Spiral Diner.


  • Brenda

    I read that earlier and thought the same thing.

  • Ryan Shelden

    She put In-N-out on her list of best burgers in Dallas list…blasphemy

    • Helen of Troy

      Thankfully, her employer never did a play-for-play for this California-based fast food chain. Now THAT would be blasphemy.

  • rauldallas

    She lost credibility awhile ago

  • twinwilow

    I gave up on Leslie Brenner a long time ago. Now, I’m glad they block non paid subscribers. It saves me the trouble of reading her flaccid reviews.

  • dallasfoodguy

    I have a feeling they put the deviled eggs on the cold salad buffet and it probably is the one that is kept cold by a metal plate that frosts and that egg or eggs got a liitle too cold.

  • Maria

    I have gone to SMOKE and their brunch is to come back for…

  • Madison

    Can’t believe she picked J.S. Chen over Kirin Court, really? There is so much more variety at Kirin Court!

  • Jeff Hayden

    “Hey! So what’s the deal with brunch , I mean that if it’s a combination of breakfast and lunch. How comes there’s no lupper or no linner.” – Jeannie Steinman

  • Fred Kazmierski

    As somebody explained earlier I am sure the eggs are frozen because of the requirement to keep them chilled! Leslie does a great job and I love her columns. It is very hard for me to ever be critical of her personally, when indeed it is her own views. Like movie critics, she is entitled to her opinions, one should go to the establishment to see if it agrees with your own palate!

  • Hootiehoo

    Yeah right, she should have gone to Spiral Diner… because, as a vegan restaurant, they have such great sausage and eggs!?!?!?! Really Nancy?

    • Nancy Nichols

      Well, Hootiehoo, if you’d clinked on the link you would have understood why I said that. The week before Teresa Gubbins listed Spiral Diner as one of the top ten restaurants in Dallas. My attempt to call out both writers.

  • Jc1

    I don’t agree with LB all the time, but I do think she adds a much needed fresh perspective to the Dallas restaurant scene. I like her criticisms of Dallas sacred cows that I don’t see elsewhere (cough cough).

  • Beda Casstevens

    I also like Leslie and am truly surprised at the number of haters.

    • Riley

      Food critics always have haters, but unfortunately part of negativity here it is based on Nancy’s hate campaign that she reserves for all food critics at DMN. I have never seen Leslie Brenner or her predecessors respond in kind. I agree with JC1. I also read Ms. Brenner’s comments because she is an outsider and she has does not have long-term and personal relationships with chefs and owners.

  • mrEmannE

    Maybe th’ dmn DMN already had an ad from Spiral Diner booked. These days everybody’s trolling for new business, right?

  • Borborygmus

    People in general have a problem with Leslie’s reviews. Her verbage in no way aligns with her stars. She’s a kingmaker, a wannabee, a California soul who wishes she were in France, not Dallas. She moved here to change the food scene, and said so right after with a big article about how Dallas suffered without any good chefs. But she was here to fix that.

    This is a woman who last summer wrote she would tell if a restaurant was good just by looking at their online menu, no need to walk through the door. Elitist, some might say, but I claim her taste buds are completely broken and her writing sucks. Review of a reviewer, as it were, but I’ve actually read her book, American Appetite, and trust me, don’t waste your time. Suffice it to say that she is flummoxed when American styled restaurants don’t have old world wines on their menu.

    Given the photos in the recent reviews, I have to wonder if some restaurants have stopped letting the DMN come in to take pictures. Or maybe the camera was broken when the Pappas Bros. review photographer made the food look so unappealing. It’s been the same with others.

    What happened to their comments? They can spin it however they want, but 4 out of 5 reviews were negative towards the reviewer – when people bothered, because most posts had no comment at all.

    And her cooking, when she posts her own recipes, looks like something her dog threw up. At least online it does.

  • kindallas

    Just to clarify, Spiral Diner was in Teresa’s personal top ten, or in the agreed upon DMN official top ten? (Was it Pegasus News or dmn?…and no, I’m not defending lb at all, I can’t make sense of her.)