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Leslie Brenner Discovers the Best Brunch in Dallas. But I’ve Got to Ask…


frozeneggLeslie Brenner admits that, until recently, she wasn’t a fan of brunching in Dallas. I can dig that; I hate brunch. But Brenner has changed her mind. In fact, she says:  “I’m now feeling very sunny-side-up about the whole brunch thing, and after months of brunching my way around Dallas and environs, I’ve come up with an exciting list.”

And she did: Bolsa, Café on the Green, Mansion, Fearing’s, The Front Room, J.S. Chen’s, Smoke, and Village Marquee. Brenner also added Q de Cheval, the restaurant at the InterContinental hotel. The all-you-can-eat, in my opinion, uninspired brunch menu sells for $29.95 a person and includes bottomless Bloody Marys and mimosas (yawn). However, my glasses fell off my nose when I read this: “Not everything’s wonderful (I had tepid sausages and deviled eggs that were partially frozen), but lots of things are good…”

What? Frozen deviled eggs? Who freezes deviled eggs? Who puts a restaurant with partially frozen deviled eggs and tepid sausages on a “best” list? Oh, my head. Brenner should have gone to Spiral Diner.