Eat This Now: Geoduck at Spoon Bar & Kitchen in Dallas

notnancygeoduckSorry, I don’t have a picture of the gorgeous plate of geoduck served at Spoon Bar & Kitchen in Dallas. I only have this picture of me harvesting the wild beast near Puget Sound. Kidding aside, my first encounter with a geoduck clam was visual: Anthony Bourdain, when he was still hot, shot an episode of No Reservations, when it was hot, somewhere in the Northwest. I watched in horror as Tony and his crew stuck their heads deep in wet sand and pulled these ugly suckers out.

They certainly look different on a white Bernardaud china platter at Spoon. Chef John Tesar allows the ugly clam to shine with just a touch of chili oil and Himalayan sea salt. Truly delicious.

UPPITY DATE: Alan Russell sends a photo of Spoon’s crudo plate (geoduck front left).



  • ChefJohnTesar

    Thanks NN I love geoduck

  • twinwillow

    Whoa, that’s a biggie you’ve got there, NN.
    Actually, “giant clam sushi” (Geoduck clam) is one of my favorite food items at sushi restaurants that serve it. Trouble is, very few do. My preference is Sushi Sake in Richardson.

  • Chef

    I’ve heard plenty of good things about this restaurant, but it is interesting how the menu is greatly influenced by, if not directly lifted from the menu of Marea, a great Italian seafood restaurant in NYC. Maybe Chef Tesar gives credit to Marea, but I would hope for some more originality.

  • Carey Smith Walker