Eat This Now: Geoduck at Spoon Bar & Kitchen in Dallas

notnancygeoduckSorry, I don’t have a picture of the gorgeous plate of geoduck served at Spoon Bar & Kitchen in Dallas. I only have this picture of me harvesting the wild beast near Puget Sound. Kidding aside, my first encounter with a geoduck clam was visual: Anthony Bourdain, when he was still hot, shot an episode of No Reservations, when it was hot, somewhere in the Northwest. I watched in horror as Tony and his crew stuck their heads deep in wet sand and pulled these ugly suckers out.

They certainly look different on a white Bernardaud china platter at Spoon. Chef John Tesar allows the ugly clam to shine with just a touch of chili oil and Himalayan sea salt. Truly delicious.

UPPITY DATE: Alan Russell sends a photo of Spoon’s crudo plate (geoduck front left).