Best of Big D 2013: Who Serves the Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

From Rudy's Facebook page
From Rudy’s Facebook page

I stumbled upon Rudy’s Chicken’s Facebook page the other day and almost choked. The first few things I noticed:

  1. The “About” section reads: “CHICKEN SO GOOD YOU’LL SLAP YO MAMMAS MAMMA.”
  2. The profile pic (the one and only photo) is a sign of their drive thru sign. I guess Rudy’s doesn’t want to show off their chicken? Because then we would all slap our grandmas? And that would create chaos?
  3. All its posts are poetically written in seven words or less. (i.e. “Eat more Rudys.” “Its Friday get some Rudys.” “Eat at Rudy’s Chicken!”)

One February 27 post that asks, “How do you feel about our chicken?” has 912 likes, 322 comments, and 13 shares. That’s like, um, 488 times more likes than the Chronicle of Higher Education gets when they write a post about students paying a higher percentage of the cost for public colleges than states do.

Not to mention, Rudy’s Facebook page has 39,562 total likes as of today. That’s more than the D Magazine + SideDish Facebook pages combined. COMBINED.

All you crazy, diehard fans of Rudy’s Chicken better get your vote on. Rudy’s is in the “Best Fried Chicken” category for Best of Big D: Food and Drink, along with other heavy contenders this year. May the best fried chicken win.


  • Bobtex

    With 15 nominees you ignored Henderson’s? You can’t expect us to take this game seriously. Get back to us when you decide to get real about real fried chicken.

  • jeffd

    Maybe D magazine is not so relevant to the fried chicken fans of DFW. More folks like fried chicken than D magazine.