Ticket Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets to Thursday’s Sip ‘N Savor with Chef Sharon Hage and Master Sommelier Barbara Werley

logo72dpi copyA nice, generous person sent me an email this morning, offering to give away a pair of tickets valued at $200. If you wish to attend the YW’s  Sip ‘N Savor event on Thursday, February 28, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. with busybee chef Sharon Hage and wine-a**-kicker Barbara Werley, you should tell me why you deserve these tickets down in the comments below. These tickets are for a good cause (benefitting low-income women), the food and wine is bound to be mind-blowing, and there’s no way I’m giving this pair to just anybody. Sell me your story. I’ll email the winner of the best comment below tomorrow (Feb 27) at 4:00 p.m.

P.S. The nice person adds: “There will be a wine pull with some of Werley’s selection, and an auction item, too, for a private tour and tasting at Colgin Cellars “IX Estate” Winery, which is a private, state-of-the-art facility set on a mountaintop overlooking Lake Hennessey.”



  • Brandi Balfour

    Awarding these tickets to me would add another dimension to the cause “benefitting low-income women!”
    I adore Sharon Hage and would be truly grateful for the opportunity to dine on her food once again. Believe me, the quality of food and wine being sipped and savored would not be lost on me.
    If I win, I promise to participate in the silent auction and help drive bids up to get even more money for such a great cause!

  • miranda

    I deserve these tickets because I just went to a doctor for a small problem but then was told that I had some really scary disorder even though I have none of the symptoms. But if I did have the disorder it would require lots of doctor’s visits so I guess bad for him because I researched it. Anyway after that I need a class of wine or two.

  • Priyanka Patel

    I feel that I should be awaded the tickets because I am not only passionate about food and wine, but actually am supporter and volunterr of organizations that help low income women.Giving me these tickets would not only benefit me, but I would make sure to continue my support of helping low income women by bidding on all the silent auction items that I can afford.

  • Alicia

    What a fun experience! I’m married to a foodie-of-all-foodies, but we would certainly never afford an experience like this – We love to travel, and any time we visit family or friends, he must research the places close by or watch the Food Network for weeks on end to see if they have any specials on that area. We’ve stood in line at Franklin’s BBQ in Austin for hours just to savor the brisket, tested the BBQ in every joint in Lockhart (multiple times just to be sure), did a wine tour of Northern Michigan while visiting family, and the list goes on and on. My husband’s friends comment that he should start his own blog – as Facebook is littered with pictures of…not family…but his food adventures! My husband is a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army, and was recently stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, MO for six months while I stayed in Dallas to work, that darn job interferes with our fun! While he’s been back home in Dallas since the first of February, our busy schedules do not allow us much time to reconnect after six months apart. This would be a super fun experience, right up his alley, and would allow us some great reconnection time as well! I know whomever you choose will be worthy, and the cause itself is reason for celebration – thank you for considering us for this adventurous night!

  • Claudine Boucher

    I am a 41 year old foodie who doesn’t drink but will SAVOR every bit of food, bless a friend to come with me who does love wine (just to watch their expression) Facebook and Tweet my experience along with the benefitting cause! .

  • PB&J

    I would be honored to be considered for these tickets. My fiancee and I are huge foodies and big fans of Sharon Hage. We miss eating at York Street so much. We are getting married in a few weeks, so this would be a lovely wedding gift from you, ; ) and not to mention, I am starting a career in hospitality/food, so the chance to rub elbows with the type of people who would be there could really do something for my future. Thank you again for the consideration

  • Merlinda

    I just received my letter from the Wheel of Fortune contestant department last month informing me that I get the honor of being a contestant on the show in the upcoming year! One of the theme weeks that I selected as a preference is “Fabulous Food” week – clearly this is exactly the practice I need to prepare. Don’t you want me to represent Dallas well? 🙂 Plus today is my sweet boyfriend’s birthday so you would make two wine lovers very happy!

  • Anonymous

    4:00 has come and gone and alas, I have not received a congratulatory email. Le sigh.
    Hoping that it accidentally got put in my spam 🙂
    Nope. Le sigh.
    Congrats to whichever of you lucky ladies won! Eat and drink tons for the rest of us!

  • Eleena

    I’m open to learning about a philanthropy of such good cause that this sounds like. Plus, this would be a great girls night out with my best friend!