Somebody Help This Poor Girl: I Need to Stand in a Restaurant to Eat

This gal has a unique request: She stands to eat.

For many reasons I prefer to not go into, I have to stand rather than sit throughout the day. This includes when I eat. The problem is for work I sometimes need to take colleagues out for dinner, and standing at a bar – no matter how nice the atmosphere – just won’t do when you need to have a work conversation.

I have found a few nice/conversation-oriented restaurants in town that allow me to stand while my dining companions sit; Stephen Pyle’s chef’s table and the Sundown at the Granada for dinner, and Company Cafe for lunch come to mind. However I need some variety, and I imagine there must be more places like these around.
So please help me crowd-source this problem: where in Dallas can a group of 4-6 have a nice, quiet dinner and enjoy great food, but one of the party can stand while the rest sit? Again, bars won’t fit the bill here. Needs to be work-appropriate.


  • Heather Sarkees

    Try looking for restaurants that have higher tables. That way even when you’re standing you’re still eye level with your guests.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I deleted the last comment. Don’t be a rude to this person please.

  • Stacy B

    There are tall tables at FT33 in the bar area where many people do dine.

  • JB.

    Goodfriend Patio for dinner.

  • Ducky

    Chipotle has some high tables, at least at the location on 114 in Irving. I know a lot of people are hating on chains these days, but it’s good for a quick lunch with coworkers.

  • Robert Sullivan

    She could stand at curved end of the bar at Cafe R & D, her guests can sit on either side of her, all will be able to see each other and have a conversation.

  • MCB08

    The initial room you walk into at Nonna has some high tables that would work nicely, but my recollection is these usually sit 2.

    Second the recommendation for FT33. You can find a similar setup at Spoon. I think both would be great for what you are looking for. All have great food, could accommodate someone standing with some advance warning and are very work appropriate.

  • Sander Wolf

    Whiskey Cake in Plano has some really high tables in the middle section/bar area.

  • Chris

    Princi Italia has a few tall tables in the bar.

  • Avid Reader

    Are you trying to find restaurants that have high tables so it doesn’t look awkward? Or just restaurants that wouldn’t mind one in the party standing?

  • Jim

    East Hampton has two tables in the middle that would work well to stand at & enjoy a delicious sandwich.

  • JLen

    Pho is for Lovers has bars tables at both locations where you can stand to eat!

  • Letter writer

    Letter writer here – thanks for all the great suggestions. To answer the questions raised above, yes – looking for high tables where my colleagues can sit while I stand (but unobtrusively since the table is high). Nancy thanks for the help crowd sourcing this one. Much appreciated.

  • Rebekah Ross

    Edie V’s or the community table at Stephen Pyles.