Somebody Help This Poor Girl: I Need to Stand in a Restaurant to Eat

This gal has a unique request: She stands to eat.

For many reasons I prefer to not go into, I have to stand rather than sit throughout the day. This includes when I eat. The problem is for work I sometimes need to take colleagues out for dinner, and standing at a bar – no matter how nice the atmosphere – just won’t do when you need to have a work conversation.

I have found a few nice/conversation-oriented restaurants in town that allow me to stand while my dining companions sit; Stephen Pyle’s chef’s table and the Sundown at the Granada for dinner, and Company Cafe for lunch come to mind. However I need some variety, and I imagine there must be more places like these around.
So please help me crowd-source this problem: where in Dallas can a group of 4-6 have a nice, quiet dinner and enjoy great food, but one of the party can stand while the rest sit? Again, bars won’t fit the bill here. Needs to be work-appropriate.