Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Lost Rigatoni Restaurant in Lake Highlands

I hate it when this happens: You have a fond food memory and attempt to find it. This guy has a scent; he needs to find the trail.

I’ve been trying to locate a restaurant. The best cannelloni and chocolate mousse I’ve had in Dallas are at stake. A few years back, a restaurateur named Carlos (never knew or can’t remember his last name) operated a restaurant called Rigatoni on Skillman just south of LBJ.  Not much to look at, but the food … Mmmmmmmmm. Mmm.  Especially the items just mentioned. Recession and dwindling crowds (our part of Lake Highlands can’t seem to keep restaurants going) gradually brought a good thing to a close.  We know he opened a restaurant in Richardson (staff told us on our last visit before Rigatoni closed), but have no idea what the name of it is or where it’s located (except they said it was on Campbell). I know it’s a long shot, but thought some of this might ring a bell.