SideDish on TV Audition: RICHARD S. POLLACK

First up for your consideration: Richard S. Pollack, president of the Press Club of North Texas. He also writes about food, wine, travel, entertainment, sports, and fashion. Richard is also known for TYPING IN ALL CAPS. Here is his pitch:

This is my audition tape for MAN VS FOOD NATION. It was my second attempt to eat the entire Kenny’s El Jefe Grande Hamburger. I won the contest by eating the most in one hour but didn’ t finish it! I was in the final 12 for the Man vs Food Nation. My one-hour show would start with my introduction of one of the top chefs in Dallas who brings me 5 pounds of his or her food to eat for my EAT ME segment. I could get a celebrity ( Modano,BJ Thomas, Badu) to join me and share the food with me while I interview them!

Let’s hear it for RICHARD!


  • JSSS

    Meh. I could eat that burger in an hour.

  • Mara

    THAT IS THE MOST ANNOYING HUMAN BEING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Can he stop bobbing his head? I couldnt make it through half of this.

  • Dubious Brother

    The science is settled – Gina Miller doing whatever she wants to do.

  • Sandy

    Good lord. How obnoxious.

  • TheBradsBlog
  • Mike

    Um, no.

  • James

    I like this guy, reminds me of my Uncle Tony in Chicago.