SideDish on TV Audition: Nicole Horne’s Dallas Dish

She’s a lawyer and asks that we don’t hold that against her. Here is the swing and the pitch:

I love food- plain and simple. From discovering new places in Dallas to trying new recipes in my own kitchen, my passion is food. Additionally, I love encouraging people to order outside of the box. While many people in Dallas consider themselves foodies, I believe there are an equal number who are intimidated by some of the items on restaurant menus. Food is an adventure- and I want to help others discover how great the journey can be! On Dallas Dish we would explore all that the DFW food scene has to offer, while also making seemingly unapproachable choices less intimidating. I want Dallas Dish to be a place for the inner foodie in everyone!

When I was little, my dad once told me that he always tried something different when he went to a restaurant. Since then, that has been my eating philosophy. My Mamaw is German, so my childhood afternoons were spent eating liverwurst sandwiches, schnitzel, spaetzle, and sausages- opening my palate to a new world. I grew up in northwest Louisiana, but have travelled to Ireland, England, Italy, Greece, France, and Mexico. I love fine dining at its best, but nothing beats an amazing hamburger or a dressed hot dog!

Let’s hear it for Nicole.


  • Michelle Dewitt

    I love the ideas that Nicole presents! I feel like she really understands how so many people feel in regards to being intimidated at times, yet wanting to try new things! I, for one, would personally love to see what she has to offer as advice and her new ideas! Her personality seems so fun and so approachable! I want to hear more about her afternoons eating liverwurst sandwiches, her travels and all the local places she can find!!!!

  • Rachel Mcdonald

    I love the idea that Nicole has. There are so many different types of food from fine dining to hole in the walls to food trucks. I would love for Nicole to find the best of the best! I also am one of those people who doesn’t order outside the box but wish I did!! I think she could help me start being more brave and trying new things!

  • Meagan Gentry

    This girl would be great on TV! I think she really has a captivating personality and I can tell she has a passion for good food and making it something fun, while at the same time being able to connect with different people’s level of taste.

  • Mike

    Not bad, but I would guess lots of these candidates have their friends like Michelle, Rachel and Meagan who post. I sure didn’t get from the video what these three are talking about.

    • Michelle Dewitt

      Mike, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about which auditions they like. Clearly, people like different things. No need to be negative towards anyone!!!!

  • @Golfnfashion

    Thus proving Mike right.

  • Cherie

    What a great contest. I think Nicole has a great idea. When my husband and I travel we always eat at the local restaurants. What a great idea for the food trucks. We have several in our city and we love the food. This young lad seems very comfortable on camera.

  • Liz

    I live in DFW and I KNOW that there are some excellent eating options…but I always order the same thing, and go to the same places to eat. I like the idea that someone else has tried it, and recommends it. And I like the idea that she likes new places, but would prefer a hambuger or hot dog…I would watch her.

  • Beth Ann

    I like this one! … Pretty girl, and that slider sounds amazing 🙂

  • Amy

    I love food too and I’m all about someone who brings attention to the food trucks! I would definitely watch this show!

  • twinwillow

    Not only is Nicole cute as hell, she also seems to have a lot of personal friends here.

  • Becca

    She is so cute, poised, and obviously passionate about her food. I want to watch Nicole!

  • Sean

    She seems interesting. I want to see more of this girl.

  • Katy Remington

    She has a good idea! I have my “usual” restaurants where I order the “usual” meal and I’d love real suggestions that would push me out of my comfort zone, or at least encourage me to try something different. This girl seems down to earth and approachable, which makes me more inclined to her suggestions!

  • Jordan

    Sounds interesting. Would love to know how to order like a real foodie.

  • LikesFood

    Friends or no friends, she’s not bad – I would watch.

  • RedBeard

    Agreed. Hottie.