SideDish on TV Audition: Learn How to Cook Like a Dallas Chef With Rebecca Combs

Today’s we meet Rebecca Combs, a 23-year old Dallas native who loves food and loves to cook. And she has a lot of fun in her kitchen. Check this out:

I want to make restaurant quality food at home but don’t really know how (not to mention I’m fairly clumsy and make mistakes!). We’ll go to all the top restaurants in Dallas, talk to the chefs, then I will try to re create a signature dish at home! However, I can’t do it all on my own. I will need an expert at the end to try my food and help me elevate to the next level so it’s Dallas restaurant ready! I am just a normal girl who wants to learn how to cook and I want my friends, family, and viewers to learn with me!

She’s got pizzazz! Let’s hear it for Rebecca.