SideDish on TV Audition: Learn How to Cook Like a Dallas Chef With Rebecca Combs

Today’s we meet Rebecca Combs, a 23-year old Dallas native who loves food and loves to cook. And she has a lot of fun in her kitchen. Check this out:

I want to make restaurant quality food at home but don’t really know how (not to mention I’m fairly clumsy and make mistakes!). We’ll go to all the top restaurants in Dallas, talk to the chefs, then I will try to re create a signature dish at home! However, I can’t do it all on my own. I will need an expert at the end to try my food and help me elevate to the next level so it’s Dallas restaurant ready! I am just a normal girl who wants to learn how to cook and I want my friends, family, and viewers to learn with me!

She’s got pizzazz! Let’s hear it for Rebecca.


  • Caroline

    So proud of my cousin Rebecca! I’ve tried many of her creations, and they are amazing!!

  • t b

    She’s a cutie. Sign her up. (Maybe tone down the mascara a little, though.)

  • TheBradsBlog

    Go Becca!

  • NicknameTrouble

    I would watch this! Fun with no alcohol required. Rebecca, you are pizzazziful.

    • Becca Linn

      pizzazziful? haha love it! thank you!

  • Ashley Briscoe

    Awesome audition!!!! Such a creative and fun idea! Your personality along with top chefs will definitely be a show to watch!! Also love the idea of great Dallas restaurants getting recognition in such an exciting and unique way!

  • Sabrina Combs

    Awesome! I love it! Super fun and I would love to know how to cook like a Dallas chef!

  • ChefJohnTesar

    Lets do it

  • ChefJohnTesar

    Lets do it Rebecca !

    • Becca Linn

      we’re so doing it! can’t wait!

  • Susan

    Awesome! Go Rebecca!

    • Becca Linn

      thank you!!

  • Becca Linn

    thank you!!

  • Jacob Combs

    double swag factor!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Combs

    double swag factor!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Ewing

    Ding. Ding. Ding. That’s a winner. And the dinner bell.

  • Mallory B

    She seems pretty awesome. Usually I stick to the foodie fave sites and blogs like Chow or for guides and recipes as opposed to a host, but I wouldn’t mind watching her 🙂

  • Karen Habbestad

    Adorable! Winner winner chicken….you know the rest 🙂

    • Becca Linn


  • Becca Linn

    I don’t even watch cooking shows; but this is great. I absolutely loved her energy and creativity. This is a winner. Period.

  • Arvin Combs

    I love this! I don’t even watch cooking shows, but her energy, creativity and engaging presence are wonderful. this is a winner!

  • Lauren

    She’s fantastic! I’d watch this for sure!

  • Carol Wolf

    Such a cutie and so much fun! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Carol Wolf

    Such a cutie and so much fun! Can’t wait to see more of her!

  • Blewis

    Delicious cooking surprises! I’ve had the pleasure of trying many. Love Rebecca’s boldness and confidence to go where others might be hesitant to go! You are a decadent disaster! Bake on Becca.

  • Becca Linn

    “decadent disaster” I LOVE IT!!