SideDish on TV Audition: Blaine Duhe

Last week, I started a campaign to get SideDish on TV. So far, That Sports Girl Gina Miller, has thrown in her two cents and we’ve published not one or two audition tapes for potential hosts, we’ve presented three!

Here’s a little background on our next potential star, Blaine Duhe.

Blaine Duhe’s culinary tale started in a home kitchen inSouth Louisiana.  There, he served as a pint-size sous chef to his father, helping make gumbos, jambalayas, and all kinds of Cajun dishes. He eventually made his way into the restaurant industry as a new restaurant trainer for Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, helping to open over twenty new locations nationwide. He has since moved on to the digital world of web design, but he continues to bring a practical, yet inventive approach to cooking in and dining out inDallas.

His idea for SideDish on TV:

 My idea for a local cooking/food entertainment show called Everyday Eats. EE blends the typical cooking presentation with a look atDallas’ best restaurants for eating out. So whether you’re tuning in to learn how to make kale kimchi, or finding out the best things to order at Velvet Taco, Everyday Eats is your guide for eating well!

Put your hands (and fingers) together for Blaine Duhe!

Would you like to send in an audition tape? Check this link and email me.


  • Scotty

    This guy is awesome! Blaine is your host, hands down.

  • db1

    Blaine is great! Super impressive. I’d stop the search now.

  • Chad

    That gumbo looked awesome. He was good on camera, would definitely watch