Rosemont in Deep Ellum is Closed

No Mas: Rosemont’s black bean burger and oatmeal waffles.(Photography by Kevin Marple)

Señor Scott Reitz is reporting that Tracy Miller has closed her breakfast and lunch only spot Rosemont in Deep Ellum yesterday. I was afraid this would happen. The food didn’t make me hungry, the service was always distracted, and the vibe was austere for the location. A few miles into downtown might have been a better location.


  • Bobby Ewing

    Bummer. Really. My single experience was very good, albeit lonely. We were the only ones in the place, and I couldn’t help but wonder what a different location would have done. I give credit to Tracy for trying to offer quality products in an area that needs it…but couldn’t support it.

  • critic

    Beautiful space + beautiful food presentation + overpriced does not= A value to the consumer
    Hence no customers, thus a closing.