Phil Romano sues Hofmann Hots CEO Frank Zaccanelli For Misuse of Funds

Badda Bing: Do not piss of Phil Romano. He will sue you.

Really?  Holy cow.  I just flipped over to EaterDallas and saw the headline: Hofmann’s CEO Gets Sued for Using Company Money as His Personal Slush Fund.

Frank, I know you’re a tough guy but, dude, you don’t ever want to piss off Phil Romano. (Right Dotty?) Especially on his home court of Trinity Groves. Allegedly, Zaccanelli used $34,000 to pay for non-business expenses that include $1,ooo at a Dallas nightclub, a house and a job for his mistress, and other ditties for his wife. Romano and several other investors are suing Zaccanelli.

Excuse me for being naive  but how do people think they are going to get away with crap like this? Really? A house lease is considered a “facility payment?” Oink.

The first Hofmann Hots opens tomorrow at 11AM in Trinity Groves. I bet it will be packed now.