Now You Can Get Donut Burgers at Twisted Root

Blame it on Paula Deen. She popularized the donut burger trend (meat patty squashed between two donuts), and now Twisted Root is taking it a step further. For the month of February, TR is featuring the “If This is Wrong… I Don’t Want to be Right” burger for $9.99. It’s a cheddar burger with a fried egg and two strips of bacon snuggled up inside two donuts.

If you’ve given up desserts for Lent (like me), this may be the perfect way to get around it…

…but then that would defeat the purpose of Lent. Crud.


  • twinwillow

    I’ll pass, thank you.

  • Wes Patton

    I’m just now hearing about this?

  • Wes Patton

    And we are just now hearing about this?