Kid Kritic: Best Milkshakes in Dallas

Our Kid Kritic, Elizabeth Chandler, is back. Today the sixth-grader reviews seven milk shakes. And ranks them below.

This time I decided to write about milkshakes so I didn’t have to beg for one.  If you really think about how a milkshake tastes it might even taste better or worst. The things that I looked at included the texture of the milkshake, how chocolatey they were, and any toppings that were included.  At the end I will show my favorites. It might not be your favorites though. So here are the seven places I went to and what I thought.

Pokey O’s milkshake.

Pokey O’s: The place known for their ice cream sandwiches but they also have good milkshakes.

Their milkshakes were made right then and there and were not in the machine hours on end so it had some nice texture. It was very chocolatey but not enough where it was overwhelming. It had average thickness; not to thick not too thin. You could tell that the ice cream was Blue Bell even though it had a lot of chocolate. So overall it was really good and had a right balance of everything.

McDonalds: The milkshakes that you’ve had since you were two climbing on that play area.
It took about five seconds before I could suck it up so it was just right amount of thickness before it hit really thick. But it was very thorough and had no texture. Some people like it really smooth, but I like to have some texture. But it did have whipped cream and a cherry which was nice.

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Liberty Burger milkshake

Liberty Burger: Different kind of milkshakes such as chocolate, peppermint, and Heath Bar.

They use Schepps custard but it tasted like ice cream. It had a nice presentation with whipped cream and cherry with drizzled chocolate sauce on top. It came with a straw and spoon which was kind of cool in case it was too thick. It was average chocolate and it was average thickness. I really liked all the toppings and with the milkshakes it was good.

Purple Milkshake from Purple Cow

Purple Cow: The one with purple milkshakes. Blue Bell specially makes the purple ice cream for them.

It is handmade so it has a nice texture. It also comes with a sidecar so that means extra milkshake so who wouldn’t like that? I had both a purple one and a chocolate one.  The purple milk shake is really just vanilla.  The chocolate milkshake was really, really chocolatey but in a good way. The thickness was a little on the thin side on the outer edges but thick in the middle, but it’s homemade so you have to cut it some slack. You don’t need toppings because the milkshakes speak for themselves.

Maple & Motor: May I point out that it’s on Maple & Clara, but it’s called Maple & Motor? I’m confused.

They only had vanilla milkshakes which was kind of disappointing. What is super cool is they make their own ice cream so it gave it a different flavor. When I tasted it tingled on my tongue. They must have put in cream. It was just under average thickness. But it was really rich. I only drank about a third of the milkshake it was so rich.

In-N-Out Burger: Shhh… this is a secret. They also can combine strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice creams or you can have a Neapolitan shake.

As soon as I sipped it I tasted a light, feathery substance: air. I had a hard time sucking the milkshake out of the straw. It took about five minutes before I could taste the milkshake. Meaning it was T-H-I-C-K. It also tasted like it had cream mixed into it. It was also smooth and had no texture. The counter girl said that the ice cream was “Schepps 10%”. I couldn’t taste a lot of chocolate, but it didn’t matter because the ice cream tasted great.

Highland Park Soda Fountain milkshake

Highland Park Soda Fountain: It’s a Highland Park tradition. You can’t live in Highland Park and not have been here.  Then again, it’s really in Dallas.

It is very creamy in my opinion and has a high chocolate density (meaning a lot) and is a classic milkshake. Schepps again.  They also have a variety of milkshakes such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry, and Butterscotch.

Here is how I ranked them:

1st place: Pokey O’s

2nd place: Liberty Burger

3rd place: Purple Cow

4th place: Highland Park Soda Fountain

5th place: In-N-Out Burger

6th place: Maple and Motor

7th place: McDonalds


  • DJH

    Not such a great thing to be raving about… those shakes have twice if not 3 times the amount of calories and fat needed for one day.. definately not a healthy choice on any of them!!! it’s no wonder we’re having so many weight and health problems here in America.

    • Jeff Hayden

      Thanks for draping a 6th grader with your wet blanket.

    • MCB08

      DJH seems like an an optimistic and jolly person! Would you also like to comment on the grammar and spelling epidemic currently facing our youth?

  • twinwilow


  • Stacy L.

    I have to agree. “Society” can’t complain on a macro level about an obesity epidemic for kids, then complain when a solo voice says the same thing on a micro level. Maybe someone needs to throw more wet blankets.

  • Jeff Hayden

    It’s a 6th grader rating local milkshakes. This isn’t about society or epidemics. It’s a stinkin’ milkshake.

  • Emily

    Love Liberty burger shakes! My favorite. I can’t wait for them to start the Girl Scout Cookie shakes this month, last year the thin mint shake was to die for!! Good job!

  • Dubious Brother

    I don’t have a weight or health problem and do love milk shakes, just not daily. This Elizabeth though has sophisticated tastes for a sixth grader (and must have a cooperative Mom and Dad) – I agree with her #7 being last by a long shot but I would move #4 up a notch or two. Good job!

  • Laura Keating

    The milkshakes at Hopdoddy are really good, especially the salted caramel.

    • Cassie Rawson

      Yes!! That’s what I was thinking! Where’s the love for Hopdoddy? I think they have they best in Dallas right now. Love them all!

  • Rebekah Ross

    What about Twisted Root??

  • tamaradwalker

    You need to try Hopdaddy’s salted caramel shake. To die for. Their thin mint is also divine as is their nutella and chocolate covered pretzle!!

  • John M

    Twisted root used to be awesome when they first opened were awesome. Home made ice cream– pastry chef from Four Seasons, I think, developed their shakes… Peanut butter was the best milkshake I’ve ever tasted— fresh made ice cream and gobs of real peanut butter and fresh whipped cream— YUM! They were such a special treat— now they’ve ruined them— tastes like pre packaged ice cream mix in the machine, squeezable peanut butter “sauce” in a clear plastic bottle, and pre packaged whipped cream…. YUCK! I’m so disappointed with this place— and to top it off, the bathrooms are totally filthy all the time. I don’t think I’ll ever be back….

  • Bliff

    Chandler should have tried the “Big Dog Shake” at Pokey O’s.
    It is even better!!!!!