February 11 Food Truck News and Schedule for Dallas and Ft. Worth

The “DFW Food Group” (a group of food truck owners) is expanding their Lunch Box concept beyond the first Merit Drive location.  The idea is to bring food trucks to office areas as alternatives to your office cafeteria or schlepping your lunch box to work.  The original Lunch Box at 12377 Merit Drive is continuing with different sets of food trucks Monday through Friday.  Another Lunch Box is at 8585 Stemmons Freeway on Tuesday/Thursday.  And a 3rd Lunch Box at 15950 Dallas Parkway, Mondays through Friday.

Update: The 15950 Dallas Parkway “Lunch Box” location is delayed a couple of weeks.  In the meantime the trucks will be at 19111 Dallas Parkway.

The Food Truck Experience on Wednesdays at Sigels/Greenville continues.  This popup is settling in nicely.  Friday at Sigels/Greenville is likewise a good set of food trucks.

Jack's Hoss Burger
Jack’s Hoss Burger

SoCal Tacos has stopped running their food truck completely, and is changing their strategy in order to identify and open bricks’n’mortar locations.  Scott Wooley is hoping to open well over a dozen in the DFW area over the next couple of years.

Jack’s ChowHound is updating their menu.  The menu update includes a “hoss burger” and fries topped with cheddar cheese, Jalapeños, onions, pulled pork, bacon, eggs and BBQ sauce.

Easy Slider is adding pie bites from Pie Flutin’ Pastries.  These are a must-have after a couple of sliders.

Here’s your schedule for the week.  Always check social media before going out to a stop.

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