Chef Tim Love Turns Denton Love Shack into Queenie’s Steakhouse

Tim Love is really going through with his plans to kill all the Love Shacks, besides the last one standing in Fort Worth. Today, on Twitter, “The Rootinest, Tootinest, Doggone Shootinest Chef in the West” announced that he’s calling his new Denton restaurant baby “Queenie’s Steakhouse.”

18 minutes ago, he tweeted a sampling of this yummy dead fish.

Correction: This article first stated that there’s only one Love Shack left. There are actually two Love Shacks still standing, and Tim Love says another one is on its way.  


  • Bud Kennedy

    Follow that Shack–

  • squared_steve

    Eat More Fish!

  • Bud Kennedy

    FYI, the 3rd Shack will be at DFW