Café Lago in East Dallas is Closed

gabbyAbout a year and a half ago, I received an email from Gabriela Kovacic, owner/manager of Café Lago indicating that she wanted to sell her restaurant. Somehow she managed to keep it going until yesterday. She sends this note:

 “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.”     I opened my first restaurant in 1987 when I was only 27 years old believing that this neighborhood  would appreciate a unique flavor and service approach that was not a chain and  – – – you did!  I’m proud to brag that the culinary palate for the people of the Casa Linda, White Rock, and the East Dallas area  is blossoming because of my dedication to this area – before that it was  chain, predictable food and look at what is now around us.

 Many, many plates, glasses and tables have been filled with a variety of flavors, fun and experiences that made people happy and unfortunately, a few disappointed – such is the nature of this business.

This is a tough, physically demanding job and I am tired, drained, pooped, fatigued etc but excited about what the future will bring me – – – rest, time to read, be with my family – especially my baby sister who could use my help as she journeys through a little more breast cancer. I just may have time to cook for friends and re-direct my life. I assure you that another restaurant is not in my future!


  • miranda

    I for one is not sorry to see Cafe Logo go. The food was overpriced and not very good. The service could be churlish and the owner could be abusive. And I love how it is her dedication that made the Casa Linda area blossom. Seriously.

    • Beda Casstevens

      I second all of your comments. It’s too bad her ex’s personality didn’t rub off on her; she is the main reason I refused to go to Cafe Lago.

  • Alison Parker

    I agree. We have young children and the disclaimer on their menu on how your children must behave in the restaurant rubbed me the wrong way. East dallas folks also like a children family environment in addition to good food and service.

  • Jimi Sparlin

    Well, I for one am very sorry to see Cafe Lago close. It was a special stop-off to combine with visiting the Arboretum, for instance. We could always count on a comforting tasty cup of exceptional coffee, soup, full meal or dessert, while enjoying the art work, quirky bathroom displays, etc. The waiters were always friendly and helpful, even when we were accompanied by small visiting children from out of town. I loved the location and this little taste of sophistication, as did all the people to whom I recommended it. Cafe Lago will be missed.

  • Jeff Sauers

    Ding Dong That B is Gone!!!
    Never been so disrespected by an owner in all my life.
    What a Hateful Person hope she fly’s off to a much happier land

  • Steven

    Extremely happy that Cafe Lago closed. Been wishing for this for years now! Food was seriously overpriced, astonishingly mediocre and Gabriella is one of the biggest hags I’ve ever met. Abusive to customers and even worse to her employees, she should have never been allowed to work in customer service of any kind. Gave her the benefit of the doubt and went there a couple dozen times and finally had it when she rolled her eyes and yelled at me for not deciding on what I wanted quickly enough. And what a joke that she’s responsible for the people of East Dallas getting more sophisticated palates. Pompous, pompous BS. The caliber of every new restaurant that’s opened in the Casa Linda area this past year is exponentially better than Cafe Lago could ever dream of being. Just think of the education our palates will get now! Good Riddance.

  • Ben

    Hear, hear on the awfulness of Gabriella. After going there three or four times and seeing her berate her employees every single time, as well as being short and seemingly bothered by the fact that I was ordering food, I decided to stop going. Agree with the other posters about the prices, too. And now the GALL of her to say that it was her dedication that opened up people’s palate. Let’s not forget places like Bonnie Ruth’s and Franki’s, which were way friendlier places to eat, as well as having interesting menus.
    And what the heck is “a little more breast cancer?” What a terrible way to phrase someone’s suffering. Shows just how tone deaf this lady is to other people, I think.

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  • Getoff

    The owner was a d!ck. good riddance.

  • Melissa Calhoun

    I’m not sure where you people were eating, we thought the food was cheap, and the service was good. Never once did I see the owner treat anyone poorly…but I suppose everyone’s perception of reality is different…no matter how flawed it really is.