Annoying Restaurant Gimmicks: What’s Your Pet Peeve?


Last night, Urban Taco took its complaints to Twitter in a most amusing tweet:

I’m fairly certain my friend over at Taco Trail has said something similar about the zigzag trays, too. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Jose.) Anyhoo. I get it. There are certain things I can’t stand when I’m dining out. I’m not a huge fan of seeing napkins folded into weird ways. What a waste of time for those po’ napkin folders! They all end up crumpled on your lap, anyways.

I could name a few more, but I know you guys have oodles of more complaints. Share them, will ya? It’s cathartic if we do it together.


  • Mess

    Urban Taco’s crappy service is my pet peeve. And what’s wrong with zig zag trays? I personally like looking at my tacos the way the maker intended. It’s like art.

  • TacoTrail

    Nope. You got it right. What’s worse is there are other, more sensible taco holders that are easily found with a Google search.

  • RJS

    Urban taco’s food is my pet peeve

  • runDMC

    #1 pet peeve. Bloggers that troll for clicks with uninformative, petty, “vent” topics.

  • dallas_214_foodie

    I agree with that post…they seem very tacky to me.

  • JJJ

    i dont like it when restaurants dont have black napkins for black pants.
    <3 Urban Taco. 😉

  • Hiccup

    Man, people are snarky today. I don’t like it that water drinkers never get refills. I’ll be seated with a table of people drinking iced tea, cokes, lemonades, etc. And everyone will get refills but me.

  • DC1

    First world problems. Man it must be hard to fill up a blog.

  • Skip

    Restaurant owners who make tacky comments on FB and Twitter about customers who ate at their restaurant.

  • Tish

    When waiter fills a half-drinken (is that a word?) cup of iced tea without asking. They need to respect the precision of my sweet & low usage. I’d prefer a refill only if it is empty…or better yet bring me a filled fresh glass.

    I also don’t like the lazy answer of “Everything is real good” when you ask for recommendations/menu favorites.

  • RLH

    I’ve had the same issue with ice tea for years and wrote a comment some time ago on a similar blog topic only to be lambasted by servers saying they are required to refill ice tea glasses by their managers and why in the “H” don’t I speak up when the server comes close. So, I sheepishly let it go without responding further. It’s often difficult to catch a server before he/she dumps a refill into my perfectly sweetened tea. Just saying……

  • BHC

    It is sometimes difficult to find the fine line between when a customer feels they are not getting refills(good service), and when refills are too much. It may seem petty but many ice tea customers drink in excess of 4 or 5 ice teas in one meal, a fresh glass for each would drive waste (straws and dishwater), drive breakage and end up costing the restaurant and then the customer more money. I am not sure if this is an acceptable solution, but I ask our servers to, rather than interrupt a customerss conversation (when engaged), pause just before refilling and look to make eye contact with the guest. This pause seems to give most of our customers, just the time they need to shake their head, give a hand jesture or verbalize “no refill”.

  • DallasVegan

    How about restaurants calling their salads and veg options “rabbit food.” Why not call it “gorilla food” – they’re vegetarian too.

  • acrow

    (1) Cheap, thin, worthless napkins, (2) generic sweeteners (real Splenda and Equal can’t be that expensive), and (3) over-filled salt and pepper shakers (to the point where nothing comes out).

  • Dan H

    I don’t like when the customer copy of the receipt is on top. Super minor, but a pet peeve none-the-less.

  • Garreth Dickey

    That’s a cool idea!

  • Publius

    When you tell the waiter you’re not ordering alcohol so you get lousy service the rest of the night.

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