• Shannah Hayley

    Stampede 66 for lunch – I had the pasta of the day and iced tea. Delicious on both accounts. The pasta of the day was bowtie pasta with roasted Brussel sprouts, bacon (nice square chunks, not fried bits) and a parmesan cream sauce. WONDERFUL.

  • T-spoon

    Nonna last night. Fried oysters were heavenly. Pasta fantastic as always. Wonderful and inspiring to hear Jules talk about his food and the thought that goes into each dish.

  • twinwillow

    Pecan Lodge for lunch last Saturday. It was well worth the 50 minute wait on line. Still the “benchmark” for BBQ in Dallas.

    Si Lom Thai for lunch Friday. That’s the place below street level on Oak Lawn. Caddy corner across from the Green Papaya.
    Excellent Thai food! Delicious fresh corn patties and, the best Tom Ka soup I’ve had in Dallas. Very flavorful and redolent of fresh lemongrass. We can’t wait to return.

  • Kat Mendenhall

    Stampede 66 for lunch, excellent! Family friendly and prices are reasonable. Mr. and I tried several items while at the bar and loved it all. Mushroom tamale, oyster taco, fish taco, jalapeno soup, shrimp and grits, fried chicken. Yes it was a food fest for us but we wanted to sample as much as we could. Look forward to returning soon.

  • Tomas

    Revisited Hattie’s for dinner Thursday. It is a classic, as great as ever. The new places in the neighborhood get more press now, but Hattie’s is the grande dame of Oak Cliff Dining. We had not been in a while, so we had old favorites, like the stuffed figs, bacon wrapped oysters and tomato bisque. But we also had a brilliant corn soup with chorizo and a salad with fried oysters. The striped bass was perfect. The short ribs over blue cheese polenta were truly decadent. All with great service and elegant fun.

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