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That Sports Girl, Gina Miller, Wants SideDish on TV

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Bite Me: Gina Miller, That Sports Girl Loves Food.

Gina Miller is a mom, wife, sports anchor/ reporter (CBS News and TXA 21), television host (pre-and-post Mavs, Stars, Cowboys, and Ranger games),  bloggertweeter, Facebooker, YouTubette,Dallas native, nice person, and loyal reader of SideDish. Those of us who are lucky enough to know Gina refer to her as That Sports Girl, which is also her Twitter handle.

As soon as I posted my challenge to get SideDish on TV, the lovely sports anchor whipped out her laptop and, within minutes, came up with the following ideas. Imagine locking her in a room for an hour and getting her full attention. Here’s Gina:

Saw your SideDish TV post.  There are SO many segments and entire 30-minute shows you can pitch.  Here are a few topics that would make for really good TV(think VISUALLY compelling):

1. Where The Locals Eat – a neighborhood focused segment that profiles where, say, the Cliff Dwellers/Lakewood peeps/Parkies/North Dallasites love and are proud to call their own.

2. Where Local “Celebs” Eat – Polticos, athletes, actors, authors, newsies, etc.

3. Dives ofDallas- profiling the taquerias, Club Schmitzs, Korean Huts, etc.

4. The Most IconicDallasDishes

5. Where You Can get a Reservation – could be tough to translate to TV but NYMag (I believe) does a great feature, calling a popular spot at 5pm on a certain day to see if a party of 4 can get a table for that night.

6. Restaurants Worth Filling Up the Tank to Visit – out of town spots worth the drive.

7. Ballpark food – the good stuff (and bad) at JerryWorld, Ballpark, AAC,PizzaHutPark, etc.

8. The Next Big Thing – what place will be dying to get into next month?

9. Cocktail Hour – capitalizing on the whole mixology trend (is it over yet) and featuring the latest and greatest cocktail to hitDallas.

Thanks, That Sports Girl. I see a some good stuff. Too bad you can’t be That Food Girl! Anybody care to chime in?