Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Whole Organic Ham in East Dallas

She’s in a pickle when it comes to pork. And she’s picky.

I’m hosting a B-day party for 96 yr old great-great granddad this coming Saturday.He wants ham and a bunch of sides.  20-22 people coming. I’m looking to find a great roasted (not sweet-no honey, sugar, molasses) whole ham. In the E. Dallas-Lakewood area. Prefer organic pork w/out nitrates-nitrites, msg etc.Either already cooked, or I can oven roast it myself. Suggestions on where to find?



  • Johnyalamo

    I’d call Highland Park Cafeteria. Let them know what you need.

  • VWV

    Based on those requirements, I would try Whole Foods.

  • Karen Habbestad

    Whole Foods would have been too easy (just a block or two away…) – they are out of hams at the moment. However, Rudolphs @ Rudolphs Market and Sausage Factory in Deep Ellum charmed me over 🙂 Thank you @BBQsnob for the suggestion! Many helpful folks out there in the netverse, food world like: Joe_theBaker, @PecanLodge, @WholeFoodsDFW, and many other individuals. A big hearty Maryland “Thanks y’all” to all of you 🙂

  • Karen Habbestad

    And naturally, Ms. Nancy 🙂