Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Artichokes in Dallas

She’s looking for something that seems so simple, yet, come to think of it, out of “style”:

Nancy I’m looking for a DFW restaurant that serves artichokes – not artichoke dip, or artichoke hearts on a salad, not even a stuffed artichoke. I want an honest to god, artichoke (pick the leaves, scrape them across your teeth).   Not since a trip to Utah several years ago, have I found a restaurant that offers one of my favorite foods.  (And cooking them myself never turns out very well.)



  • Valerie Harvey


  • ERC

    Rise. The artichoke is my favorite thing on the menu. Simply sublime vinagrette served with it.

  • A Drinker

    Houston’s/Hillstone/whatever you want to call it has grilled artichokes with remoulade. I’ve also had them at Bolsa but of course you never know when they’ll have them on the menu.

  • Aria

    Houston’s has amazing grilled artichokes! But call first. They’re not on the menu and they don’t always have them.

  • ZachTownsend

    Rise No. 1 – for the traditional way of serving a good steamed artichoke, as you’re describing. The one they have is delicious. I get it frequently.

  • elenaran

    Hillstone (aka Houston’s) serves awesome grilled artichokes, but they often run out, so call ahead

  • Klgarner

    Don’t know if they still do them, but Stoneleigh P used to have artichokes. I’ll second Rise, fabulous.

  • LMW

    The Tavern in Fort Worth has fire roasted artichokes with chipolte sauce. During happy hour from 3 – 7pm every day they are half price.

  • Foodie

    Cheesecake Factory – whole grilled artichokes.

  • Cin

    Tei Tei on Henderson – it rocks.

    • Brooks Anderson

      I was gonna post the same. They have whole artichokes served with a housemade dip. It’s fantastic!

  • pSmile

    Rise No. 1 serves a good artichoke with a great sauce.

  • Sarah

    The Grape on Greenville!

  • Anne Armstrong

    After several recommendations here, went to Rise Saturday afternoon specifically for the artichoke. A fine repast for a gloomy afternoon.

  • Anne Armstrong

    After several recommendations here on Friday, I went to Rise Saturday afternoon specifically for the artichokes. Lovely sauce. A fine repast for a gloomy afternoon.

  • DFWFoodie

    Have to agree with the others – Rise has the best artichokes in Dallas. I crave them!