Somebody Help These Poor Girls: Hungry, Broke, and in New York

I asked a Dallas restaurant consultant who eats in NYC for R&D for some advice. He sent the list below the jump.  Need some great cheap good eats for two gals at Lex and 49th. What do you think of his list?

1.       Momofuko Noodle Bar – gotta go to a David Chang place. Been there before and couldn’t squeeze it in this time.  But it is a steady place and worth the time.

2.       The Dutch – Andrew Carmenelli, hot chef A little all over the board but generally a good room and some worthwhile food.

3.       Osteria Morini – Michael White classic Italian. I like the room and the classic, rustic Italian fare.  No special dish to recommend.

4.       Ippudo – best ramen noodles in the world takes patience to eat here, always a two hour wait so put your name on the list and walk to any number of great places close by but return back when time is up – best ramen and pork buns in the city – and blistered shisito peppers with orange citrus salt

5.       Hill Country BBQ – my bet for best NYC bbq not as good as my last visit but still better than others by a head.  pork ribs and moist brisket are standouts.

6.       Blue Smoke – Danny Meyer bbq disappointing across the board – just not much soul left in this place.

7.       Dinosuar BBQ – never been but sounds like a must it’s a trek to Harlem and though the food is good, it’s more the overall trip and crowd that makes it worthwhile.

8.       Maialino – Danny Meyer pork place  I sent you the pork face salad photo from here and that, unfortunately, was the highlight of this visit.  food surprisingly mediocre.

9.       Eataly – Mario Batali market  just a great place to spend some time – pizza just OK and pasta a bit better but overall a treat for all the senses.

10.   Ess a Bagel – best breakfast bagel you ever chewed on still the best!

11.   Minetta Tavern – great steak place and voted best burger NYC they were just a notch off on this visit but overall still a great room to have a protein meal in.

12.   Shake Shack – If you haven’t been, it’s probably a must stop Danny Meyer nothing out of the ordinary about eating a burger and custard in 40 degree temps on a park bench.

13.   Rickshaw Dumplings – just great dumplings now, unfortunately, I’d have to say ‘just very good dumplings.’

14.   L’Apicio – NY Times 10 ten 2012  Italian  pretty room and pretty food but nothing over the top great about it.

15.   Prime and Beyond – mid-range steak place, great burger too  straightforward and good.  best place to pass the time while waiting for Ippudo table, it’s just around the corner.

16.   The NoMad – NY Times top 10 2012 one of the best stops – more elegant and ‘fine dining’ experience in a atrium-like room that is more European than NY.

17.   Moti Mahal Delux – best butter chicken on the globe did not get there…..damn.

18.   Calliope – NY Times top 10 2012  very lively and small dining room and very inventive and worthwhile food ideas.  in same area as l’Apicio and Il Buco so worth seeing all three.

19.   Perla – NY Times top ten 2011  absolutely hands down the best burger of the visit, just so flavorful and unique.  Michael Toscana came to table to accept our accolades and he seemed like such a nice guy that we awarded him best restaurant of our visit.  just a short walk from Minetta Tavern.

20.   Il Buco Alimetari E Vineria – NY Times top 10 2012  Tried as we may have, didn’t save time for this place.

21.   The Spotted Pig – a Bloomfield and Freidman collaboration, gastropub.  The absolute best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever stuffed in my mouth.  Excellent blue cheese burger as well.  Interesting room too.

22.   The Public House – a chain but I hear great things about the straightforward design and space in general. Didn’t get the chance.




  • A Drinker

    For after-dinner sweets, don’t miss Big Gay Ice Cream Shop or Momofuku Milk Bar (several locations).

  • StacyLynch71

    None of these places are what I’d consider cheap…?

  • Laura Keating

    It’s a great list although places like NoMad are more on the expensive side. I would add Keste, Luke’s Lobster, Burger Joint, Alidoro, Motorino, Schiller’s Liquor Bar (esp. for brunch), Parm, Lupa, Despana and Boqueria. I love Ippudo and try to eat there on every visit… I also like Shake Shack and Momofuku.

    If they are willing to go out to Brooklyn, I’d also recommend Roberta’s.

    For sweets, I also like the Big Gay Ice Cream shop and recommend Chikalicious, Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Doughnut Plant. And for a bit of a splurge, a slice of crepe cake at Lady M (there’s one in the Plaza Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel, where there’s also a Luke’s Lobster Bar and delicious black and white cookies at William Greenberg).

    All of this makes me want to go back to NY and eat!

  • cbs

    Room Service (thai- 47/48th & 9th)- must try their Pad Thai (very unique)
    Pizza (just about anywhere but John’s Times Square is relatively close and not too bad for Times Square).
    Artisinal (Lex &32) is reasonable but not cheap. awesome burger and amazing cheeses.

  • The Janitor

    In addition to the food, location, budget, the atmosphere and people watching can all come into play when choosing a NYC restaurant. No BBQ lover from Texas should leave without trying Fette Sau in Brooklyn. Otherwise, add these to your list of places to try at some point (but check out their prices first as some of them will exceed a limited budget): Mr. Chow, Maison Kayser, Babbo, Pietros, Harry Cipriani, Au Bon Pain, J G Melon. Au bon Pain is everywhere, but, in spite of D’s policy of not reviewing restaurants having more than 5 locations that’s no reason not to give it a try. Maison Kayser is mostly breakfast breads and coffee, but I’d buy a franchise if they were selling them (note that the staff all speak French to each other, but several of them appear to be native New Yorkers). Final note of advice: always check the latest Google postings on a restaurant before trying something new in NYC.

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  • Lindsey Wilson

    Vynl in Hell’s Kitchen, as well as Delta Grill on 9th Ave and 47th.

    Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown is worth the trek for soup buns and scallion pancakes, and The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory around the corner is a great finisher.

    Even though it’s just a burger, I can’t return to NYC and NOT eat at Shake Shack. Too delicious.

    Went to grad school in Syracuse so I can vouch for Dinosaur BBQ’s awesomeness, although I’ve never visited the Harlem outpost. If it’s even half as good as the original, you’re golden.

  • Randy McCluer

    At Osteria Morini, I recommend the porchetta. One of the best pork dishes I’ve had in years. Also fun there is the great selection of Lambrusco.

    For fun beer/wine in the Village, either Terroir or Ten Bells.

  • Primi timpano

    Eisenberg’s Deli and Papaya King. Lupa can be affordable. Street vendor falafel. Bodega steam trays and salad bar are good late night options.

  • Chuck

    Not cheap by any stretch but NoMad has the absolute best roasted chicken I’ve ever had and the cocktail program isn’t too shabby either. Also Ess a bagel is delicious.