Shannon Wynne Plans to Open Bird Café in Sundance Square This Fall

A real bird cafe (via

Longtime Fort Worth and Dallas restaurateur, Shannon Wynne, loves flying-related names. He’s the giant behind Moth, Flying Saucer, the future Lark (on the Park), and now his latest idea: Bird Café in Sundance Square. (His son, on the other hand, sticks to land animal names, like Rodeo Goat.)

Bird Cafe will have – count ’em – 6,400 square feet of indoor space and 2,300 square feet of patio space, split between two levels. Goodness gracious. It’s going to be a monster.

In the press release, Wynne states: “The chef driven menu will focus on small plates at dinner which we do very nicely and are extremely popular at the Moth. Currently we are positioning Chef David McMillan to oversee our program at Bird Café. While pretty upscale, we will be very approachable at lunch and dinner.”

So that’s what Mr. McMillan has been sneakily up to these days. It looks like Mr. Wynne has been keeping him pretty employed with the Moth – and now Bird Cafe – ever since his main gig at the Screen Door in One Arts Plaza closed.