Restaurant Review: Dish in Dallas

Chef Garreth Dickey has created one of the city’s best menus.

While several high-profile local chefs have been hogging the headlines, chef Garreth Dickey has quietly created one of the finest menus in town. Dickey—whose résumé includes stints at Star Canyon, the original Green Room, Jeroboam, The Porch, and Hibiscus—now deserves his turn in the spotlight. Between the Caesar salad, scallops, and New York strip on his menu are dozens of inventive and palate-pushing items, such as his cauliflower steak. It’s an ingenious vegetarian concoction of grilled cauliflower, cipollini onions, Calabrese peppers, black radish, and kale mixed with a brown butter sauce studded with golden raisins. Under Dickey’s touch, a thick pork chop, brined overnight, is grilled, topped with soft chunks of apples and diced red onions, and finished with a bourbon glaze spiced with star anise.

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  • mateoshelley

    Had dinner there last week. Always love the food. The scallops were fantastic. Love the roasted shishito peppers with the aoili as well. This place has genuine presence and skill.

  • vman

    Does anyone have a source for shishito peppers? I only see them occasionally at WF or CM.

  • Steven Elsea

    Thanks for the kind words, Nancy! We hope to see you again soon.

  • Irish

    Garreth rules. Go. Now.

  • Taylor

    Hands down one of the best talents in the city. Congrats to Garreth and the team!

  • cb_foodie

    I wish Dish was open during the week for lunch – even if only Thurs & Friday. Sounds like a great place for a business lunch.

  • Margie Hubbard

    I’ve only been for brunch and it was fabulous. Suddenly my lunch today seems painfully inadequate!

  • Robert

    We go to Dish 2-3 times a month (at least) and have since it opened. We have never been disappointed with drinks, food or service. In fact, we’re on our way there this evening. Scallops, short ribs, the pork chop and salads and sides are great.
    Rob T and Marc T

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