Nothing to Do With Food: The Cutest Pet Contest

London, the three-year-old English bulldog

Today marks day one of our “Survival of the Cutest” contest. After going through hundreds of dog photos, Jason found the most adorable 32 North Texas canines for your bored-at-work-viewing pleasure, and he’s made it easy cheesy for you to vote for the most adorable Dallas dog (besides the one that’s curled up around your feet right now). It took a few barking matches (aka web meetings) to finally narrow the list down, so do another dog-lover a favor and cast your ballot. If you need help picking a favorite, I would strongly encourage/kindly threaten you to pick London, the English bulldog (pictured above), and Nemo, a three-legged beagle with tricks up his sleeve.

To the dear owners of London and Nemo: Need a dog-sitter? I’m your gal. Just pay me in chocolate.