Mextopia is Moving Out of Greenville and Moving On

Oh no! Word just hit our inbox about Mextopia’s recent news. See for yourself:


Thanks for your support.

We are moving on!

The Greenville Ave. location has been a difficult one for us and it is time for us to move on.

We have an exciting collaboration in the works, we will keep you posted on it’s development.

Thank you! We loved serving you! We look forward to sharing our future adventure with you SOON!


Ricardo Avila’s Mextopia

We’ll update you guys as soon as Ricardo gets back to us about his plans.


  • downtownworker

    Too bad they couldn’t hold on till Trade Joe’s opened.

    • Twinwillow

      I’m not sure the addition of Trader Joe’s would have made a difference.

      That section of lower Greenville is a restaurant dead zone thanks to the City of Dallas’ screwing up the road there.

  • Bmoney

    Hope you didn’t buy a Groupon for this place!

    • twinwillow

      I never buy Groupons. Just because you never know if a restaurant will still be open when you want to use the coupon.

  • George David Gates

    I’ve had a couple of joints go under with Groupon in hand. They refund my purchase price immediately, without me even having to request it.