How Much Do You Spend on a Bottle of Wine?

If you are a wine drinker, I’d like to know your level of knowledge of wine: casual connoisseur (CC), I-know-more-than-Pinot-Merlot (IKMTPM), or I-wannabe-a-master-sommelier-when-I-grow-up (IWBMSWIGU).  I’d also love to the average price you pay for a bottle of wine you consume at home. Thanks.


  • Jim R


    Avg. bottle price $12

  • txmuzik

    I could be any of the above … but in general I look at wines between $10 to $20 or so. Some of the best start in this range … but I’ve also been known to indulge, especially when it comes to bubbly. My most recent discovery (thanks to this blog) is the Nicollas Feuillatte Palmes d’Or at about $120/btl … It is pricey, but about the best champagne I’ve ever tasted… Cristal and Grand Dame included … and a gorgeous bottle too.

  • Shab

    IKMTPM – about $15-$25 a bottle.

  • guesty

    CC: not more than $12 for everyday wine… maybe $15 average over all wine purchases for home (6x$12 + 1x$35)/7.

  • AmyS

    Does red vs. white make a difference? It’s easy to get a satisfactory Pinot Grigio for far less than a decent Chardonnay, oui?

  • Bruce

    IKMTPM It depends on the occasion for me too. If it is a normal dinner with a bottle (or 2) of wine, I usually spend $10 to 20, unless there is a sale. If it is a special occasion or party of my fellow winos, then I may spend $30 to 40 for the first bottles and then go back down for subsequent bottles of the same varietal.

  • dallasboiler

    I’m somewhere between IKMTPM and IWBMSWIGU. 80% of my purchases for home are $10-20, 15% are $20-50 and 5% are $50-150. I love trolling discounted wine websites to get great deals, and I love it when Sigel’s runs one of their Restaurant Inventory Clearance Sales … I’ve picked up most of my gems from those events.

  • TheBradsBlog

    Lately, going through a loot of wine – so on hand is always under $10 Bordeaux – a decent one is Chateau Bois Redon Bordeaux Superieur (it’s $8! and you’d be surprised whom among my pals also enjoy this one)
    You can find nice Cotes du Rhone Blanc in the $10-15 range – I also try lots of White Burgundy in the $12-20 range – looking for a gem. $12-20 Pinot Gris. $14ish for Alto-Adige.
    Sparkling: there are fine Gruet offerings for $13-20, then Jose Dhondt Blanc de Blancs Champagne WAY too good at around $50.
    Then it goes insane from there – but if you have a daily habit, you can blissfully at $15 and below.

  • Tspoon

    Ikmtpm, $15-18

  • Brandan Kelley


    I think I qualify for all three but one of the greatest things about my path to more wine knowledge is that the more I learn about the great wines of the world the less money my wife and I spend on a bottle. That being said our range retail is $10-$100 ( excluding mailing list offerings ) and at a restaurant normally under $75 but love to find the great deal at both at the lowest price point. Normally it can be the most interesting like something from Greece, Spain, Austria or the Languedoc.

  • Todd Johnson

    $15 and I really really like wine.

  • R.S.

    IKMTPM: average about $8-$25 at home

  • Sam H.

    CC – Ranges from Segura Viudas (~$5.50 @ Spec’s!!) to $30-40 for our Oregon wine club bottles. I’d say the average bottle comes in around $15, though

  • CB Foodie

    IKMTPM – $8 to $12 for dry reds unless Jimmy’s is having a sale, and then $4 to $8.

  • Chelsey Plumlee

    I try to keep weekday wine under $15, but special occasions or fantastic bottle design might get me closer to the $40 mark.

  • Heather

    As a fellow wine professional, I would echo Brandan Kelley’s comments. I’m usually in the $10-$20 range for everyday wines. Spain and southern France are my go-to spots for value, and Tuscany is always a favorite. I will go to the $40-$50 level at home for something really special.

  • Randy McCluer

    Same as Brandan & Heather here. $10-20 for everyday, $20-35 on the weekends, and more for special occasions. Dallas is way behind NYC & SF when it comes to selection of cool stuff for <$20, but some local stores are starting to bring in more of them. Check out Domaine Wines on Oak Lawn for a good selection from Louis-Dressner & other quirky importers.

  • Chuck

    Sunday – Tuesday Wine – $5 – $15
    Wednesday – Thursday Wine – $10 – $30
    Friday – Saturday Wine – $10 – $120
    Quiet Time Alone Drinking Wine or Boisterous Night With Friends Drinking Wine – Priceless

  • tejasmom

    IKMTPM – I drink Sauv. Blanc, Torrontes, and Viognier – can get good ones for 8 – 12
    My husband likes reds – will splurge on a great Italian Brunello – $50+
    on the other hand you can get a nice Mark West Pinot for $7.50 at Total wine

  • TheBradsBlog

    Timing… Pinot Gris is the topic tonight at Michael Flynn’s Wine Chat at The Mansion, Good stuff.

  • Aaron Benson

    Also a pro, so IWBMSWIGU… I might bump to 18 as an average. That being said, I also take advantage of closeouts and clearance sales to stock up, and the knowledge I do have is pretty useful in getting the max value out of that 18 bucks anyway. When I pay for wine, that is (Yeah, the perks are good)

  • AmyS

    Chardonnay. I confess to scouring the choices under $10 for a new favorite. Avant by Kendall Jackson has been growing on me, I’m liking it’s zesty flavor the more I try it.

  • DSideDish

    “Five Buck” Chuck
    Love your wine-by-the-weekday chart:
    Sunday – Tuesday Wine – $5 – $15
    Wednesday – Thursday Wine – $10 – $30
    Friday – Saturday Wine – $10 – $120
    Quiet Time Alone Drinking Wine or Boisterous Night With Friends Drinking Wine – Priceless

    So why is Sunday Plonk Day at your place?

    I also like the mentions of close out sales..I still have a couple of nice bottles I bought for a song (“Spill the Wine”) at Sigel’s. And paying cash (5% discount) at Spec’s does add up. Good stuff all.

  • Joey S

    Wine 12-18
    Sake 14-28

  • Joey S

    Wine 12-18
    Sake 14-28

  • Chuck

    Sunday is actually leftover day! But if there is nothing else and I have no energy or creativity left, I can go to Central Market and pick up Blackstone Merlot for $5.97. Not my fav but not oppressive either. I can’t tell you why but people in Dallas (maybe not Disher’s though) love this wine! This was fun – thanks and keep up the good work!

  • primi timpano

    8.00-15.00 recently drinking a few from Cameron Hughes and grateful for it.

  • Stacia Lipka


  • Stacia Lipka

    avg bottle price $15-40

  • Savage


    $25 +
    Depends on what I am confronted with at the time of purchase. I have been stockpiling for some time with bottles in the $75+ range but usually spend far less.

  • napagirl

    Between $40 and $60. Good find: Silver Oak (Alexander Valley) at $60 retail.