Game Time: Guess Which Dallas Restaurant Makes This Pasta

It’s cold outside, and nobody wants to go out. Let’s play a game, shall we? The person who correctly guesses where this pasta dish comes from will win a surprise prize, picked by yours truly. (Update: The restaurant has offered to give away a gift certificate.)

At the end of the week (Friday at noon), I’ll announce the origins of this photo and the winner will receive an email. Sound good? Good. Let the games begin.

Mystery pasta dish (photography by Desiree Espada)

Update on 1/18/13: This baked chicken Parmesan pasta comes from….[drum roll, please]… CiCi’s Pizza. Desiree shot this prototype/test idea that was made in a CiCi’s outside of Dallas. Tricky, I know. CiCi’s is currently developing three other pastas – carbonara, Italian meatball, and roasted garlic veggie – that they might launch. Some of you guys (like the Olive Garden guesser) came pretty close. I’m impressed. We’ll do this again, but not with a prototype. I promise not to be as mean next time.