Food News and Booze: Fish McBites, Howard Wang’s, and Joe the Baker

Joe the Baker (photo by Desiree Espada)

While I’ve been hiding in my Netflix cave these last couple days, the world has kept spinning. A crazy amount of things have happened. For example, did you know that McDonald’s is releasing its line of Fish McBites early this year for a limited time only? Yes, I know. Life changing.

If you’re a Howard Wang’s fan, you might care to know that this Chinese restaurant is expanding into the Southlake area. The third branch should open this coming spring, according to Teresa Gubbins.

And then there’s this cool little fact about my favorite Dallas baker/tweeter. Joe the Baker, who is currently working as a consultant for Spoon and as an instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, has competed on Food Network’s Sweet Genius. Anyone who make make snazzy gingerbread man cookies (here’s the recipe, c/o Entree Dallas) is more than a-okay in my book. The show airs on January 3 at 9 p.m. CST. Set your DVRs, SideDishers. This episode looks pretty intense from the summary.

“Electric Genius”
Chef Ron introduces the chefs to his rock-and-roll first inspiration: an electric guitar. It’s crunch time when the chefs get a fruity cereal as their mandatory ingredient. In the second test, the chefs learn that there is no place like Chef Ron’s World of Desserts as they make candy confections from a strawberry drink and a yellow pepper. For the cake test, the finalists get a fiesta favorite as an inspiration, but will they be partying when they see the mandatory ingredients?

Competitors: Joseph Baker, Caroline Braslow, Taria Camerino, Joey Glaser


  • Jim Poole