Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream Will Open Retail Store Late May 2013 Inside Lower Greenville Food Truck Park

Aaron Barker and his eye scream (via Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams Facebook page)

Remember when Teresa Gubbins broke the story on CultureMap about Lower Greenville’s new food truck park? Chef Jason Boso of Twisted Root is in charge of turning the vacant lot sitting across the street from a future Trader Joe’s into a buzzing new hotspot for truck foods.  Not only is he opening his own Philly cheesesteak restaurant inside the lot, but he also invited Aaron Barker and Sarah Miller of Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams to open a tiny, tiny little store right next to it.

Carnival Barker, a two-person operation that started almost exactly a year ago, sells its dreamy flavors (like Munchies, a peanut butter-based ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chips) inside stores like Bolsa Mercado for five to six dollars per pint. It’s finally getting its own space in Lower Greenville late May 2013. Halle-ice-cream-lujah! Barker says that the store will be similar to the way Amy’s Ice Cream on South Congress (in Austin) is run. “I think we’re going to have a space there with a walk up, but you can’t sit inside and eat.”

(Unlike South Congress Amy’s, families will have a place to eat outside. Plenty of picnic tables inside the food truck park will be there for maximum ice cream enjoyment.)

I’m pretty excited. Barker and Miller are working on ice cream sandwiches as we speak. A nutella cookie filled with nutella ice cream is in the works, and it should be ready for post-winter feasting. Barker told me to “eat in moderation,” but there’s no way I’m listening. I have four pints of Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams sitting in my freezer, and I fully intend to finish them off by the end of this week.