Bits & Bites: Things to Do and Chew in Dallas This Weekend, January 4-6

The “Boilermaker Special” and “Sooner Soda” cocktails are $11 each and don the Purdue and Oklahoma colors: gold and red. (photo by Del Frisco)

A few of my friends are trying this healthy new year resolution, which I definitely condone, but not when I feel the urge to eat french fries from McDonald’s. This happened last night, when my trusty always-up-for-fast-food friend suddenly turned into a salmon-and-broccoli gal. Oh no. 2013, you suck so far. This is the first weekend of the new year, so spend it well. Don’t betray yourself and eat salads all day.


Del Frisco’s Grille is offering “Johnny Football’s Burgers” and “Sooner Soda” in honor of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic for Texas A&M and Oklahoma University fans. Go watch the game and eat specially made burgers by chef Aaron Henschen at the Uptown location.

It’s Free Friday at Arché Winery, which means you can get free shipping on six or 12 bottles of select wines. “Just call or text your order in before midnight tonight to (214) 536-6330,” says Amy Sterling. “Don’t text any credit card information. I will call you back to get that.”

Dry White

Dry Reds

Sweet Desserts

Roussanne  $19

Cabernet Sauvignon  $26

Late Harvest Tempranillo (375ml)*  $22

Ryan’s Red  $22

PorTejas (375ml)*  $23

Syrah (2010)  $24


Don’t let the cold weather get you down. The 28th Chili Cook-Off with Harley-Davidson and HOG will provide you with warm bowls of homemade chili made by HOG members. At the cook-off, tastings are open to the public. $1 gets you tastings of every competitors’ chili, and the eating begins at 1:30 p.m. This is all happening at the Dallas Harley-Davidson on 1334 W. Centerville Rd., Garland.

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