Ascension Coffee’s Valet Problem is Fixed, Thanks to You Guys

As some of you may recall, I brought to your attention a troublesome parking situation at Ascension Coffee. They were forcing unnecessary valet in their tiny parking lot and prohibiting parking in the front spots, which number only 14 and are shared with a salon. This seemed wildly inappropriate considering the to-go attitude of many of its patrons. Ascension claimed that due to high traffic and no spots being available, people were backing out on to Oak Lawn and causing a log jam situation that wasn’t safe for anyone. In this case, their valet tactics proved wearisome, to say the least.

I received an email from Russell Hayward this morning letting me know they had corrected the issue as best they could in response to all of your input, which was beautifully succinct and effectively conveyed. You guys are awesome. See email below.

Hey Matthew, i think we finally got everybody in the right place on the Valet situation. It will now be just ‘overflow’ parking, all the self park spaces will be available for self parkers. Thanks to all your readers for their comments, it helped get everyone on board as to what our customers require. I left a note up on the Blog for whomever follows the story. 



I gotta say, I think they nailed it. Thanks to all of your insightful response, we levied a major flood of injustice here. So, please, go to Ascension and try their coffee and their food. It’s really good stuff, as I said earlier. The righteous have prevailed and our voices will not be squashed by the elite (though no elite were really involved here or harmed during the progression of this hot topic). We are the people and we demand freedom of choice and convenience along with our fancy, artisan indulgence. Tonight, we sleep in peace.