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Trinity Groves Restaurant Opening Rumor #432

My jon boat. Dogs not included in bet.

Apparently the phones are ringing off the hook over at Trinity Groves, the 13-acre restaurant-retail-artist-and-entertainment development at the base of the west end of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge developed by Phil Romano, Stuart Fitts, and Larry “Butch” McGregor. If half of the rumors I’m hearing are true, they won’t have any trouble with occupancy. Some big names are vying for space, several of which have been confirmed, but if I type them I will most likely be floating down the Trinity River in cement clogs by nightfall.

Anyhoo, a solid lead just drifted across my wooden desk. A successful restaurateur and high- profile chef are looking at a second-story space in the “blue” building. They’ve proposed an Asian-fusion Spanish tapas bar with a sophisticated cocktail program designed by a sophisticated cocktail program designer. Nobody at Trinity Groves will confirm this but I would bet my jon(n) boat that this deal is already in the cosmos. I’ve buried plenty of clues. Can you guess the answer?