Trader Joe’s to Open Between Cole and Knox Someday in the Faraway Future

Steve Brown from the DMN reports that the 2-acre property on Cole between Knox and Armstrong will be redeveloped by Lincoln Property Co. and property owner Sarofim Realty Advisors. Trader Joe’s, he says, will be the lead retail tenant in this future mixed-use development.

The first Trader Joe’s in Dallas (Lower Greenville) is supposed to open during the first quarter of next year. The second at Walnut Hill is “coming soon” (according to the website), and now this Cole/Knox location will be the third store for Dallas residents.

I’m so okay with this. TJ’s, keep moving into Dallas, please. I love your turkey meatballs. L-O-V-E.


  • Jon Alexis

    Carol, we hear you loud and clear. More TJ’s in Dallas. Line me up with some investors!

    • Carol Shih

      HA. One day when I’m a bajillionaire, Jon. One day.

    • Gabe

      Love T.J.’s Seafood, best jumbo crab cakes in the world. Lobster rolls need to be on the crispy bread Carbones uses for their garlic bread, THEN it would be the best lobster roll in Dallas. Enjoyed your recent wine tasting.

  • Mitch Martin

    omg there is a God!!! No more driving to Plano anymore!!! I can’t wait!

  • twinwillow

    Great! And I’m only 1/2 mile away.

  • Anonymous

    Can you give us an update on Lower Greenville Ave? Doesn’t look like much happening there. This area of town NEEDS more traffic.

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  • Gabe

    re: T.J.’s on Preston @ Wycliffe, Scott is an amazing chef, makes my lobster roll low fat with no butter. And it’s still fantastic.

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